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BGMI Permanent Ban on Nearly 1 Lakh Accounts; Here’s the Complete List

- Updated: 21st Dec 2021, 23:09 IST
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Battlegrounds Mobile India, since the very first time it arrived to India, has been very strict about cheating in the game. Krafton has imposed BGMI permanent ban on lakhs of accounts since its release in the country. They have requested players to not cheat in the game time and again. However, the hacker problem in BGMI did not seem to decrease.

Now, BGMI has permanently banned 99,583 accounts between December 13 and December 19 this year. The developer has also published a list with the names of banned accounts. Recently, BGMI has removed over 142,000 players from the platform between December 6 and December 12.

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The accounts of these players have been shut down with a permanent ban, in an attempt to limit illegal programs resulting in the hacking of the game. These players were found making use of illegal programs in a six-day time frame. 

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“Krafton is constantly taking major efforts to eradicate cheating and cheaters on BGMI. In line with its efforts, Krafton now has cleaned out most of the cheaters in the game, making BGMI a much more fun experience, and will continue to take whatever step is necessary to keep BGMI fair and fun,” as said by the BGMI makers on Cheater Ban.

Cheater Ban

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Last week, the game also teased a crossover between Spider-Man: No Way Home via its Instagram handle where the game showed the PUBG helmet entangled in the spider web. It goes without saying that No Way Home pretty much broke both the internet and cinemas. This collaboration is between the one of the best of both worlds and definitely something players will look forward to.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The battle royale game has banned 99,583 corrupt players between dates December 13 and December 19 this year.
  • These players were using illegal programs/hacking in the game.
  • Krafton has been very strict about hackers in the game and have also released the complete list of banned players.

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