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Cashback Scam Trends Online, Here’s How You Can Stay Safe

- Updated: 11th Oct 2022, 17:05 IST
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    How Does Paytm Cashback Scam it Work?
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    How Can You be Safe From Such Scams?

The Covid-19 outbreak has boosted digital payments by causing people to minimize physical encounters in order to stay safe. People have been driven to opt for online payments and go cashless as a result of this. Though this makes it convenient to pay bills from the comfort of one’s own home, internet fraud has increased, particularly targeting individuals who are unfamiliar with modern technologies. So it’s no surprise that a new PayTM cashback scam has surfaced.

“Congratulations! you have won Paytm Scratch Card,” says a random Chrome notification in the recent scam. Many individuals don’t think twice before clicking on a link that offers enticing rewards, while others do it just out of curiosity. This particular notification redirects users to a website called

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How Does Paytm Cashback Scam it Work?

Those who do not spot the non-official URL on the top of the page would see a message on the website stating that they have won over 2,000 in cashback, as well as a big light blue “Send Reward to Paytm” icon at the bottom of the screen. According to the research, the fraud only works on a mobile phone, implying that the website’s scammers are primarily targeting mobile users. The scam clearly targets folks who are unfamiliar with how a UPI-based app operates. This tactic will not succeed if you do not have the UPI payment application installed on your smartphone.

Entering the URL into a browser on a pc directs the user to the actual Paytm website rather than the fraudulent page. Users are cautioned not to visit or forward the fake website to their connections.

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The fake website is still available to mobile users. It simply shows a new false figure of Rs2,000, which changes every time the user refreshes.

How Can You be Safe From Such Scams?

Remember that providing personal details on any third-party websites can lead to the theft of your data or money.

Users may defend themselves by learning about internet security and never entering personal information on unknown websites. Remember that “real” cashback offers are only inside the official Paytm app and not on third-party websites. To stay safe online, they must also be cautious of any unofficial websites and never tap on any notifications or links in texts or emails advertising free cashback or prizes.