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Google Fixes Pixel 6 Series Random Ghost Calling Bug

- Updated: 15th Nov 2021, 10:15 IST
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    Google fixes ghost-dialing issue for Pixel 6 series

Even with its great updates and reviews, Pixel 6 series is still getting its fair share of issues. But ever since its launch, the series has been facing a hefty number of problems and issues. Surprisingly, the latest issue, which has surfaced relates to the fingerprint sensor on the smartphone. However, there is relief to certain users who faced the ghost calling bug which surfaced in the series.

Among all the issues, the device’s randomly auto-dialing contacts is easily the most annoying and frustrating one. But it looks like it will not be a problem anymore! After quickly acknowledging the issue, they have now resolved this with the latest version of the Google app which is now available in the Play Store. Pixel 6 series can now take a sigh of relief as they won’t have to end up seeing ghost dialed numbers in the middle of the night.

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Google Assistant’s hotword detection feature was found to be the culprit. Since turning it off disabled the ghost-dialing problem of the Pixel 6 series. Another temporary fix was to clear the Google app’s settings and cache. But it only worked for about a day or so before the random outgoing calls started up again.

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Google fixes ghost-dialing issue for Pixel 6 series

According to a Pixel community manager on the /r/GooglePixel subreddit, updating to the latest Google app (12.43.18 or higher) should now fix the problem. They say that the update is rolling out on the Google Play Store. If you have disabled the “Hey Google” hotword detection feature on your Pixel 6 series, then it is now safe to re-enable it.

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In related news, last week, Google started rolling out heart rate and respiratory tracking features through the Google Fit app. Both these features are already available on the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a. Meanwhile, there are still other issues Pixel 6 series users are still facing. Issues like display flickering when powered off, slow fingerprint sensor, and no 30W charging. In addition, carrier network is temporarily unavailable, Wi-Fi calling not working properly, erratic adaptive brightness, and second hole punch.