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Made-in-India Mobile Multiplayer Shooter MaskGun Crosses 50 Million Players

- Updated: 12th Oct 2021, 10:23 IST
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    MaskGun Crosses 50 Million Players: What More?
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    MaskGun: Gameplay

MaskGun, a multiplayer shooting game has now crossed a staggering 50 million players in India. Now, one interesting thing here is the fact that the game is Made-in-India. Crossing a whopping 50 million players is a massive achievement for any game. Given the fact that this is a Made-in-India game is all the more ground-breaking.

This is particularly groundbreaking because for the very first time, a game, that is not a board game or cricket game has crossed this milestone. Yes, BGMI definitely did cross it but, the PUBG Mobile community in India was already massive. Moreover, Call of Duty is a very popular franchise and hence, Call of Duty Mobile garnering 50 million players easily is understandable as well.

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However, for a game that is so underrated and yet, played by millions of Indians is something of a huge achievement, in all honesty. MaskGun is a multiplayer shooter that allows you to play with your friends. This is much like the Team Deathmatch Mode in Call of Duty Mobile, BGMI and similar such games.

MaskGun Crosses 50 Million Players: What More?

SuperGaming, makers of MaskGun, uses June Engine for the multiplayer shooter. Now, another great thing to note here is the fact that this engine is completely developed in-house. SuperGaming is actually a fast growing company in the realm of mobile gaming in India. They are responsible for several other titles like Devil Amongst Us, Tower Conquest and more.

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The makers reported that MaskGun has finally crossed the 50 million players milestone. In addition, they also reported that roughly 56 million players have downloaded the game till now. This is an incredible moment for the makers indeed.

MaskGun: Gameplay

MaskGun Gameplay

Moving to the gameplay, the game is very responsive to touch. The controls do not feel wonky and all over the place. Moreover, the auto-fire allows you to focus on strategising and making unpredictive movements, thus, enjoying the game more.

Sometimes, multiplayer games that are reflex-based often feel very unfair. This is primarily because of the fact that reflexes vary majorly from person to person. One person’s reflex times can be way off from another person. MaskGun eradicates that issue by simply allowing players to auto-fire and instead, focus on a strategic gameplay.

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The game offers four game modes which are Team Deathmatch, Rumble, Control Point, and MOD Mode. Besides, the time to kill in this game is significantly longer than one would expect. This makes it all the more fun and challenging as well. Also, there are so many weapons and different classes to make use of and just spray in the game.

MaskGun is offering players double the amount of XP and Gold this weekend in celebration of crossing 50 million players. This is a great chance for the game’s players to gather as many XP points and Gold as they quite possibly can.