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Apex Legends Halloween Event will Kick Off from October 13: All You Need to Know

- Updated: 8th Oct 2021, 09:37 IST
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    Apex Legends Halloween Event: Everything New
    • New Arenas Map – Encore
    • Shadow Royale Limited Time Mode
    • Monster Within Packs

It is that time of the year again when all the spooky Halloween updates in games start rolling out. Apex Legends rolls out one of the most interesting updates each year around this time. This year will be no different as the game has some massive plans to keep the community happy and busy for hours on end! The Apex Legends Halloween event update will start from October 13, which is just four days to go.

This year, the Apex Legends Halloween event will be called “Monsters Within”. A brand new arenas map called Encore will be making an entry into the game. In addition, players will also be getting a ton of Apex Legends Halloween skins in the 2021 event. These skins include Seer, Revenant, Bloodhound and Caustic.

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Apex Legends Halloween Event: Everything New

Apex Legends Monsters Within

New Arenas Map – Encore

The brand new areas map called Encore is actually situated on Boreas, which is Seer’s home planet. Going by the screenshots that Respawn Entertainment, the Apex Legends maker, has released, it seems to be quite an open environment to fight it out on. However, this map is not going to be easy to play on as, from the looks of it, there is not much to take cover behind.

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Shadow Royale Limited Time Mode

Now, this game mode was very popular in Apex Legends and is finally making a comeback in the game this Halloween. The Apex Legends Halloween event is offering Shadow Royale as a limited time mode. Now, this is a bit darker to your regular upbeat Apex Legends.

The core mechanics of the game revolve around the concept of shadows. Once you die in this mode, you become a shadow and can help your teammates. However, in case the last standing member of your team dies, it is finally game over for you. Shadows have infinite lives so the only way to win is to kill the last standing Legend of the team.

Monster Within Packs

Monsters Within Packs are also going to be introduced during the Apex Legends Halloween event. These packs will be up for grabs for a limited time during the Monsters Within event. However, these items will always be available in the regular Apex Pack pool of items.

Monsters Within Packs stand out in the fact that they guarantee you at least one non-duplicate Thematic Event item. The new and upcoming thematic event will roll out forty new items based on the Monsters Within Halloween event theme.

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Further, Monsters Within items can be crafted via crafting materials as well. Another thing to note is that maybe after two seasons, the crafting metal costs of Monsters Within in-game items will be reduced. Players can head over to the Thematic in-game event tab to access the new items.