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Android 12 Game Mode API: These are the First Games to Support it

- Updated: 7th Oct 2021, 10:02 IST
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    Android 12 Game Mode API: What More?

When Android Developers took to their official YouTube channel to premier the introduction of a new ‘Game Mode’, we knew this would be interesting. The Android 12 Game Mode was announced earlier this year, back in July, 2021. We saw a fairly detailed presentation about what the game mode would be like. Now, we have also come to know of the very first games that support this brand new feature.

The upcoming Game Mode for the new OS will come packed with a bunch of different features. From being able to record your screen to optimising the game for your device, there are several options that you can tap and apply.

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Besides, there are also three different modes to make use of when gaming. These are Performance, Standard and Battery Saver modes. As they sound, the Performance mode will allow you to make the most out of your device for gaming. The standard mode is your default device mode for gaming whereas, the battery saver allows you to save more battery when gaming.

Mobile gaming is a massive industry in itself right now and the addition of a game mode into Android’s very own framework is a clear example. Till now we had Xiaomi, Realme and all these brand’s offering their proprietary game modes built into their respective UIs. Now, we will soon be seeing our very own Android OS getting its very first Game Mode.

Android 12 Game Mode API: What More?

According to a report by XDA Developers, we also know of the very first games that support the feature. These are Minecraft, Temple Run 2 and Sniper 3D. For now, only these three reportedly support the feature. However, soon, upon release, we shall see more and more games becoming compatible with it.

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Besides, in other news, we also got to know that Samsung Galaxy devices will be getting the game mode compatibility as well. Kihwan Kim, Vice President for Head of Graphics R&D stated that, “We are pleased to be partnering with Google with the new Game Mode APIs on Android 12 to deliver the best possible game experiences and to help developers optimise their gaming performance on Galaxy devices.”

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Players can manually check for a certain game’s compatibility with the Android 12 Game Mode. To do so, they need to head over to the info page of a particular app. In here, they will find the “Game Optimisation” option for those that support it. For those games that do not support it, the option will be greyed out.