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Here’s What To Expect From Apple’s High-End ‘Rugged’ Watch

- Updated: 10th Aug 2022, 10:39 IST
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    Apple’s High-End ‘Rugged’ Watch: Design
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    Battery Life
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    Health Features

According to rumours, Apple is developing a more advanced “pro” form of the Apple Watch that will be offered alongside the Series 8 devices. The Apple Watch Pro will have a redesigned look, a bigger screen, and a higher price. The Apple Watch Pro is to launch in September along with the Apple Watch Series 8.

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Apple’s High-End ‘Rugged’ Watch: Design

Rugged Watch

The Apple Watch Pro is to have a new look, but the ordinary Apple Watch Series 8 devices won’t see any design changes. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the Apple Watch Pro will have a look that “evolves the present rectangular shape.”

The Apple Watch was to have a flat-edged design according to leaks, but no such product ever appeared. The Apple Watch Pro won’t resemble the Apple Watch Series 7 mockups that we saw prior to the Series 7 introduction since the flat-edged design is not to be employed for the Apple Watch Pro.

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A “rugged” Apple Watch that’s targeted at people who participate in extreme activities, the Apple Watch Pro has also been described in this way. The device will be focusing towards athletes, hikers, and other people who subject their watches to harsher environments. It will have a case that is more resilient and better suited to withstand damage.

Battery Life

Apple Watch Pro will be bigger, a bigger battery can probably fit inside to support longer workout sessions. The Apple Watch Pro might even endure for several days before needing to be recharged thanks to a speculated low-power mode that is coming to Series 8 versions.

Health Features

The Apple Watch Pro is to have the same functionality as the Apple Watch Series 8, meaning it will include all of the capabilities mentioned for the Series 8 in addition to a larger, more robust case.

According to rumours, the Apple Watch Series 8 models will get a temperature sensor that will enable them to detect when a user’s body temperature is greater than usual. Although the temperature sensor won’t likely provide an accurate reading, it will be able to display variations.

Apple Watch won’t be as precise as a thermometer that can gauge core body temperature. When it launches, Apple will probably use this for fertility planning and monitoring.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Apple is to be working on an upgraded “pro” version of the Apple Watch.
  • Smartwatch will be sold alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 models.
  • The Apple Watch Pro will feature a different design, a larger size, and a more expensive price tag.