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Instagram Desktop Posting To Roll Out Soon

- Updated: 25th Jun 2021, 08:58 IST
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    Instagram On Desktop: What More?

Instagram is reportedly working towards allowing desktop posting very soon. This particular is the most requested feature in the Instagram community. Moreover, in its 11 years of existence, the app has never allowed this. Users have only been allowed to post via the mobile app. However, things are likely to change now, from the looks of it.

An Instagram spokesperson stated that many users take to their desktops to access Instagram. Furthermore, to enhance this experience, the social media giant is testing the desktop posting feature. This clearly states that the desktop posting feature of Instagram is in the works. This is great news for almost every Instagram user. Having the ability to post via your desktop is a great feature to have. Moreover, in the contemporary world, this is sort of a must have.

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Matt Navarra, a noted social media consultant is one users who is involved in the testing. He took to Twitter to reveal what the new feature for Instagram looks like on desktop. So, how to see if you are a part of this testing as well? Just log in on your desktop and look for a plus symbol on the top right corner of the screen.

However, it is important they we do not expect a complete desktop support for the app. Besides, testers of the new feature are only able to post photos and videos. Moreover, creating Instagram Stories and Reels is not out. Also, one thing to note is that posting on Instagram via desktop was possible before. However, users had to go through a lot of steps to do so. From downloading third party apps to a lot of other things, it was a hectic process. Now, with the advent of this feature officially, the desktop experience will be way more seamless.

Instagram On Desktop: What More?

Back in April of 2020, Instagram rolled out support for direct messaging on desktop and web browsers. Later on, Yorgos Askalidis, a data scientist at Instagram, posted a blog. The blog posted stated what the company learned from the new direct messaging for Instagram on desktop feature.

Askalidis stated in his blog post that, “We observe an increased usage of the desktop website during weekdays and daytime hours (6am-2pm), while the native apps see an increased usage during evening hours (5pm-7pm) and weekends.”

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Furthermore, he went on to say that, “This analysis also demonstrates how important the desktop web experience is for Instagram business accounts, who often use their personal computers throughout their workdays.”

Moreover, Askalidis also said that Instagram did not find any evidence of desktop usage taking over the mobile app usage. In fact, it was rather the opposite. He stated that users spend more time on both desktop and the mobile app than when they use just one interface. This has led to Instagram believing in focusing on the desktop interface a lot more too.

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