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Google Meet To Get Real-Time Translated Captions For Online Classrooms

- Updated: 11th Oct 2022, 17:28 IST
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    Google Meet Real-Time Translated Captions Feature

Google Meet is getting some new features that will help in online learning and the classroom. According to Google, these features will be available in the future for any Meetings started using Google Classroom. This is a special solution targeted at schools and virtual education.

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Google Meet Real-Time Translated Captions Feature

In the next months, Google wants to add real-time translated captions to Meet. And teachers would be able to use closed captions during live sessions. They can also hold public live streams, which will broadcast directly to YouTube and accessible to anybody outside their university. Later this year, public live streaming will be available in beta. Customers who have the Teaching and Learning Upgrade or Education Plus will be able to access it in early 2022, according to Google.

From a security standpoint, Google claims that every teacher and co-teacher in a Classroom will be meeting hosts in Meet. This is being done, according to the company, so that “multiple teachers can share the load of managing a class.”

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Furthermore, when a teacher joins a meeting, all students on the Classroom roster will be instantly admitted to the meeting.  The children will be in a waiting room until the teacher joins the meeting. In the waiting room, they will be unable to view or speak with other participants.

Google Meet Real-Time Translated Captions

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Meetings for classes will get other security features from Google. For example, “participants will receive a warning and then be forced back into the main meeting” when a host, who is the teacher, ends the breakout room.

Google will bring “the ability to end meetings for everybody on the call and mute everyone at once” for teachers who use mobile and tablet devices to conduct classes. It would also give school administrators more control. It will allow them to establish policies for who can join their school’s video conferences. Also, whether anyone from their school can attend video calls from other schools.