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Instagram Users Can Now Caption Their Stories With Just A Sticker

- Updated: 8th May 2021, 09:11 IST
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    Where can we find this sticker?

Instagram took all the advantage of the TikTok ban in India. People from TikTok got into Instagram Reels. Instagram got its popularity and, to gain more users, it is rolling out new stickers to stories. That allows English-speaking users to transcribe auto-generated captions to their videos. And will let viewers see real-time subtitles. Instagram said it has also started testing automated captions in Reels. 

For now, the sticker will be available only in English and English-speaking countries but will launch in other languages and countries.

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Where can we find this sticker?

The new feature is available in Stories and found in the sticker panel. Once you’ve recorded your video, you can tap on the captions sticker and, it will auto-transcribe the speech in the video. Instagram lets you choose among the different fonts available and also change the colour for captions. They can even make you edit words in captions because it might be possible that transcription won’t be precise.

insta story caption

If you want, it should automatically come every time you upload the story.

There is another way to use captions in your Stories. You can set up automatic video captions via a settings toggle in the Instagram mobile app. Users can do this by clicking onto the three-dot menu from the main Instagram screen and go to Story Settings. If you scroll down to Accessibility, you will find an option to turn on Auto-Generated Captions.

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Captions were available for IGTV and now to stories and reels to make them more effective to watch. The feature focuses mainly on people who are hard of hearing and not native English speakers. It will also benefit people who generally watch videos without sound.