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iPhone 14 Pro Camera Issues Surfaces Once Again

- Updated: 22nd Sep 2022, 21:53 IST

Apple’s Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max are facing camera problems days after their launch on September 7, 2022. After the successful launch of the new Apple iPhone 14, customers are complaining about the camera’s bug. The early customers of the new iPhone have complained that the phone is responding slower. By this, they mean that it is taking longer after any app icon appears. iPhone 14 Pro camera issues include the slow response of the camera app and shaking of the camera when using third-party apps.

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Camera Bug Detected

Users of Apple have stated that the bug doesn’t seem to appear when using the iPhone’s camera. But when the camera is used as background or in third-party apps, it seems to make noises and lacks. The camera is even reported to be shaking.

Also, the camera bug is only disturbing when it is in photo mode. When the video mode is on, nothing is seen as troubling. According to the reports, this problem persists only in the camera app and doesn’t create problems for other third-party camera apps. 

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Though the new iPhone has a 16.0.1 update, this problem is still to be resolved. No casual way of setting this issue. Now, neither restarting nor factory resetting is working.

Apple’s Fix To This New Camera Bug

The iPhone 14 comes with a 48-megapixel main camera sensor with second-generation sensor shift optical image stabilization. This is the best updation of the year. These updates have made the cinematic mode more innovative with the new modes such as action mode and photonic engine.

Apple says that the issue will be resolved by the next week. They are working on the software update, which has led to the bug. This announcement has made the users aware that the issue has already been resolved. This update would be the second so far for the iPhone 14.

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The first update was done on the day of launch. The users were asked to change to iOS 16.0.1 to address the problem detected during face time. At the same time, the new iPhone 14 has become quite a hit this year. The series’ are getting sold out in many places.