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New Witcher Game is in Development: Details Here

- Updated: 22nd Mar 2022, 12:31 IST
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    More About the New Witcher Game

A new Witcher game is in the works, according to CD Projekt, “kicking off a new tale for the brand.” The new game will have its base on Unreal Engine 5, rather of CD Projekt’s REDengine, and will mark the start of “a multi-year strategic partnership with Epic Games.”

“It includes not just license, but also technical development of Unreal Engine 5 and, when applicable, possibly future versions of Unreal Engine,” CD Projekt explained. “We’ll work closely with Epic Games’ engineers to help customize the engine for open-world experiences,” says the company.

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More About the New Witcher Game

New Witcher Game

As per CD Projekt, the switch to the new engine is to further expedite the development process. “From the start, we didn’t see this as a conventional license deal; both CD Projekt Red and Epic saw this as a long-term, fruitful tech cooperation,” stated CD Projekt Red CTO Pawe Zawodny. “It’s critical for CD Projekt Red to settle on the technological direction of our next game as early as possible since we’ve invested a lot of time and money in the past evolving and adapting REDengine with each successive game release.”

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CD Projekt has previously hinted at the possibility of a new Witcher game, but this is the first official confirmation. There is no more information available, however, the teaser image included with the announcement hints that the next game will not include Geralt, as we suspected. It’s impossible to tell what the snow-covered Witcher medallion is, but it’s not from the School of the Wolf.

There are currently no more details available about this game, such as a development timeline or a release date. Moreover, REDengine will be used to develop the next Cyberpunk 2077 expansion, according to CD Projekt Red.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The new Witcher game will be built using Unreal Engine 5 rather than CD Projekt’s REDengine.
  • CD Projekt has previously hinted that a new Witcher game could be on the way.
  • This is the first time that this game is formally confirmed.

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