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Sony PS5 Pro Will Be 45 Per Cent More Powerful; Offer These Upgrades!

- Updated: 16th Apr 2024, 13:37 IST
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    PS5 Pro To Offer Faster CPU, Better Ray Tracing Performance
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    Faster Memory And New PSSR To Improve Frame Rates

Sony recently introduced the PS5 Slim console, and the company is already working on another upgrade for the PS5. According to a new report, the PS5 Slim could debut soon with major performance improvements and better ray tracing performance. Furthermore, the complete specifications of the console have leaked and here is what you can expect from the Sony PS5 Pro.

PS5 Pro To Offer Faster CPU, Better Ray Tracing Performance

PS5 Pro To

According to a report by The Verge, Sony has started asking developers to optimize games for the Sony PS5 Pro. Furthermore, the upcoming console will have the codename Trinity and offer faster CPU performance apart from better GPU.

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Starting with the CPU will be the same as the standard PS5 but will run at a higher clock speed of 3.85GHz. This is 10 per cent faster than the 3.5GHz clock speed in the standard mode of the PS5.

This new console will be capable of running titles with ray tracing enabled at higher resolution and frame rate. Moreover, Sony is also pushing developers to target games with ray tracing with the Trinity Enhanced (Enhanced for PS5 Pro) labels on their games.

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The Sony PS5 Pro will be 45 per cent more powerful than the current PS5, with faster memory and a better GPU. In addition, the company is relying on a new “more powerful ray tracing architecture,” which will offer three times better performance.

Faster Memory And New PSSR To Improve Frame Rates

The PS5 Pro will also pack faster memory with speeds of up to 576GB/s compared to the 448GB/s of the current PS5. Moreover, developers will get more access to system memory, and games can use an extra 1.2GB of memory on the PS5 Pro.

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Moreover, developers will need to create a single package for both consoles targeting better performance on the Sony PS5 Pro. The new console will bring PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR), which will work similarly to Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR.

This new upscaling technique could drastically improve the frame rate by rendering the game at a lower resolution and upscaling it to a higher one. Moreover, the PS5 Pro will have a custom architecture for machine learning with 300 TOPS of 8-bit computation.

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However, Sony plans to continue selling the standard PS5 alongside the PS5 Pro. Although the company expects all games certified in August to be compatible with the PS5 Pro.

The Sony PS5 Pro is likely to launch around the holiday season, with an enhanced library of games arriving for the console first. PS5 Pro exclusive titles could arrive over time with better ray tracing support.

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Highlights of the Story

  • A new report has revealed details of the upcoming Sony PS5 Pro.
  • The console will be 45 per cent more powerful with faster CPU and ray tracing capabilities.
  • It will introduce a new PSSR upscaling technique and launch around the holiday season.

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