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Sony To Unveil Its Game Pass Rival Soon: Details Here

- Updated: 28th Mar 2022, 07:12 IST

Spartacus, Sony’s equivalent to the Xbox Game Pass, is likely to get in the market “as early as” next week, Bloomberg reports. Spartacus may be a hybrid of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, two of Sony’s subscription services already available. This has been in speculation before. While the service is likely to contain several well-known titles, it may not include the forthcoming God of War: Ragnarok.

The service will feature three different levels, each with a different set of games. Following that will be levels that include PS4 and PS5 titles (though they will only be available “in the future”). According to Bloomberg, “access to lengthier demonstrations and the option to stream games over the internet”. Additionally, there have been previous rumblings that PlayStation 2 and PSP classics might make an appearance on a higher layer of the game catalogue.

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PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus are Sony’s current membership services. It allows you to playback catalogues of certain PS4, PS3, and PS2 games either through cloud gaming or a download. For which the options are available depending on the specific title. In my perspective, Xbox’s Game Pass, which allows you to play essential Xbox and PC games on the day they’re out, and a portfolio of third-party titles are the best option.

Xbox Game Pass

Although speculations suggest, it would draw more heavily from the vast library of games in the PlayStation vault than from the newest releases. It seems like Sony is aiming to thrill PlayStation fans with Spartacus.

In addition, it’s unclear how much it will set you back. You can get PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus for $120 if you purchase a year-long membership. So compared to the regular Game Pass membership, Sony has a little leeway when it comes to price.

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There’s also the matter of migration – you may purchase a PlayStation Plus membership for many months or even years. It’s unclear how Sony will handle the transition of non-subscribers if the service gets the replacement. Spartacus seems to have a very comparable tier. However, there might always be pricing adjustments that need to be taken into account.


Highlights of the Story

  • SPARTACUS is on its way
  • Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass rival is in the works for the PlayStation 5.
  • Game Pass is what Sony has in mind with their next Project, Spartacus, which is most likely to be on the PS5 but might come on the PS4.

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