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Squid Game-Inspired 8v8 Squad Island Mode Added To Silly Royale

- Updated: 1st Apr 2022, 07:53 IST
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In November 2021, the social game Silly Royale, developed in India, added a series of Squid Game-inspired variants dubbed Squid Royale. Silly Royale’s limited-time feature saw roughly 5 million downloads throughout the globe because of its popular game variants.

In addition, the Squad Island mode is there on the game by developer SuperGaming, which pits two teams of eight players against one another in Squid Royale situations. All variants of Squid Royale are now there on Squad Island.

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There will be 16 player lobbies on Silly Royale’s new Squad Island, each with two unique speech channels. In addition, a brand-new map of Squad Island has been created, replete with brand-new objectives to fulfil. Finally, gamers will be able to vote for their favourite Squid Royale Challenge.

To pit themselves against other players in real-time. Furthermore, squad Island will have no eliminations. It will allow you to remain a team member even after making a mistake in the game. It’s possible to access Squad Island via Silly Royale’s event page.

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Get to know more about Silly Royale

Silly Royale

Players in Silly Royale spend 48 minutes playing the game, and one of the most often requested improvements is the opportunity to team up with pals. Squad Island is our effort to enable you to play more Silly Royale with the people you care about.

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SuperGaming says the new Squad Island mode showcases the “flexibility of the company’s in-house tech platform” by allowing the developer to operate large-scale real-time multiplayer games like Silly Royale with over 17 million players and MaskGun with over 60 million players smoothly. Its next web3 games will also use the tech platform provided by the corporation.


Highlights of the Story

  • 8v8 Squad Island gets add to Silly Royale, where teams may play in Squid Royale styles against each other.
  • The popularity of Silly Royale’s Squid Game-inspired modes led to 5 million worldwide downloads of the game.
  • A new area and objectives set are available on Squad Island in Silly Royale.

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