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    This Windows 11 Feature is Causing Game Performance to Drop by 30%!

    By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
    Updated: 4th Oct 2021 08:33 IST

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      Windows 11 VBS Security Feature: What Else?

    Highlights of the Story

    • Windows 11 users are seeing performance drops by 30% when playing games.
    • VBS is the feature that may be causing this significant performance drop.
    • It is a security feature to protect PCs against malwares.

    Microsoft promoted Windows 11 as the “Best Windows for Gaming.” However, this claim is pretty flawed from the looks of it, as Windows 11 is now causing several issues to surface, especially when it comes to gaming. According to a recent report, a built in feature in the brand new operating system by Microsoft is causing gaming performance to throttle. To be specific, the feature is causing gaming performance to drop by a whopping 30%!

    Now, 30% may sound like nothing but, when it comes to gaming, it is terrible. 30% drop in gaming performance means there will be terrible frame drops and an overall laggy experience when gaming on Windows 11. 3DMark finally revealed that Microsoft’s VBS feature may be causing this. VBS or Virtualization-Based Security is a security feature which may be causing this performance drop.

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    However, VBS security features are not automatically enabled when upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11. But, there is a catch. If PCs that are installing Windows 11 by default as the only and brand new OS, it will come with VBS enabled. This will lead to pre-built PCs coming with a VBS enabled Windows 11 experience. This, in turn, will lead to the controversial gaming performance drop by 30%.

    Windows 11 VBS Security Feature: What Else?

    Windows 11 User Interface

    According to a report by PCGamer, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Horizon Zero Dawn and Metro Exodus saw a drop by 27%. In addition, they also stated that games like Far Cry: New Dawn saw a drop by 5% in average framerates on Windows 11 OS.

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    Talking about Microsoft’s side of the story, they have responded by saying that, “Virtualization-based security, or VBS, uses hardware virtualization features to create and isolate a secure region of memory from the normal operating system. Windows can use this “virtual secure mode” to host a number of security solutions, providing them with greatly increased protection from vulnerabilities in the operating system, and preventing the use of malicious exploits which attempt to defeat protections.”

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    The VBS feature was first introduced in Windows 10. The primary objective of the feature is to provide your PC with an advanced protection against malwares. However, now this particular feature is causing gaming performance drops in PCs on Windows 11. This makes it probably not the first option in OS to go with for gamers, at the moment.


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