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Users Ready To Welcome The 5G Network Like Never Before

- Updated: 29th Sep 2022, 15:28 IST

India is all set to get the 5G Network. The wait isn’t long anymore. According to data, around 100 million users in India own 5G smartphones. They are open arms and willing to have a 5G network.

Nevertheless, Indian users’ excitement for the upgrade from the 4G network to the 5G network is so huge. Many users are ready to invest a 45per cent premium to avail of the new fast network. The data is recorded through the study of Ericsson.

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5G Network In India

India is the second largest smartphone market after China and has reached its bar for the availability of 5G. According to the study by Ericsson, there are signs of lucrative monetization. The ARPU (average revenue per user) is extremely good and will uplift the potential of telcos in the country.

The 5G network performance will act as a sign of loyalty for users. Among those who wish to upgrade to 5G, the 36per cent churns out to the best provider 5G network.

The 60per cent of early adopters already has 5G smartphones. They are expecting more innovative applications. It will even offer appealing and better coverage.

The survey reads the users are extremely happy to pay a 45per cent premium for the plan with novel experiences. They also have expectations regarding the new network, which should be met.

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Promise Of 5G Reports

5g india
5G Network

The Report ‘Promise of 5G’, carried out in India by the Ericsson ConsumerLab. It reflects the views of 300 million daily smartphone urban users of India. Moreover, it also gives an insight into 5G uptake in the Country. By the reports in the second quarter of this year.

The Report suggests that the 5G adoption in the country is high. According to this, it will first be provided to consumers and then to enterprises. Another data also suggests that the 5G intention in India is two times higher. The UK and the US markets are left behind in this intention. These countries have already adopted the 5G network.

The data by Swedish telecom gear also gives an insight into the emerging number of smartphone users in India. According to which it is rapidly increasing. India has recorded a three times increase in smartphone users with a 5G smartphone.

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Data Study of Indian Users

About 100 million-plus users already wish to upgrade to 5G subscriptions by 2023. The remaining half are planning to switch to a higher data plan in the next 12 months.

During the virtual meeting, the Head of Ericsson, Jasmeet Sethi, said the transition to a 5G network would open up new opportunities. These opportunities will be for the service providers in India. It will help to strengthen their position in the consumer market, with an eye on the 5G quality and availability.

Sethi also said, ‘More innovative experiences need to bundle to meet the expectations of the early adopters to monetize 5G successfully’. According to Ericsson, many users under the survey show keen interest pay a 10per cent premium for 5G connectivity.

Though the uplift on the premium plan is marked in three different services bundled on top of a 5G plan. Even Sethi remarks that the uplift of 35 per cent will lead to a total premium of 45per cent, which is a great ARPU uplift, which is possible.


Highlights of the Story

  • 5G users are ready to pay a 45per cent premium for the upgrade.
  • India is expected to provide good ARPU in the 5G network.
  • The consumers will be connected to the 5G network first and then will be given to the enterprises.

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