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Want To Change Your Photo Quality, Check WhatsApp New Feature

- Updated: 4th Nov 2022, 23:09 IST
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    New Features
    • Where Is The New Feature Of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp new features for users’ steps every now and then. The company has recently launched features like Communities and in-chat polls. Now, it even allows groups to have up to 1024 users. Also, people can now include 32 users in a group video call. The new feature of WhatsApp lets you change photo upload quality. This comes as one of the much-awaited features.

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New Features

The app has now released a dedicated Photo upload quality section in the app’s Settings. This lets you choose if the users want to send “best quality” photos to their friends and other contacts.

There is also a secondary “Data saver” option. This means that the app won’t use much of the user’s data and will likely send a compressed photo. Also, a low-quality photo won’t consume a lot of data to send to anyone.

Well, it even introduces a third option called “Auto.” This basically lets the app decide if it should send the best quality images or choose to send them with the data saver option.

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Now as per WhatsApp, the “Best quality” photos are larger in size and take longer than usual to send. While people can always choose to upload files to Google Drive to send anyone images with high quality in case they don’t want to lose quality.

The meta messenger will select the “Best quality” option for images only when your smartphone is using Wi-Fi. But if your device is on mobile data, then the app automatically chooses the “data saver” option. This happens to save the user’s mobile data.

Where Is The New Feature Of WhatsApp?

This feature is in the settings section of the messaging app. You just need to open WhatsApp. Then tap on the three-dotted icon to access the settings option. After this tap again on Storage & data.

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Then, you will find the Photo upload quality feature at the bottom of the screen. This is by default set to the Auto (recommended) option.