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Whatsapp adds Option to Personalise Payments Backgrounds for its Users

- Updated: 17th Aug 2021, 05:45 IST
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    How to Choose a Payment Background on WhatsApp

WhatsApp unveiled Payments Backgrounds in India on Tuesday to improve the experience of money transactions on its platform. The new feature is intended to provide WhatsApp users with a more personalised payment experience. When you use WhatsApp Payments to send money to friends or family, you can choose a suitable background. The option is now available in the country for both Android and iPhone users. According to WhatsApp, the Payments Background feature’s main objective is to provide an element of expression when users transfer money on the application with their friends and family.

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When giving money to loved ones, the app initially offered a list of seven backgrounds from which you can select the most appropriate one. There are also a few theme-based backgrounds, such as the one you can use while transferring money to your sister on Rakshabandhan (coming on Sunday, August 22). WhatsApp has now added backgrounds for sending money for birthdays, holidays, and vacations.

Whatsapp adds Option to Personalise Payments Backgrounds for its Users

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How to Choose a Payment Background on WhatsApp

When making a new payment on WhatsApp, you can choose a payment background by selecting the backgrounds button on the ‘Send Payment’ screen. When you hit that icon, the app will display a range of available backgrounds at the bottom; from which you may select the one that fits your payment theme. You can also include a note beside the background. There you can explain why you’re making the payment or underline your expression.

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When finished, the receiver will be able to see the background as well as the payment amount you made. Having said that, it appears like WhatsApp is attempting to attract users by introducing the Payments Backgrounds option. Other features appear to be in the works in order to acquire market share over time.