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WhatsApp Confirms Picture-in-Picture Mode For Video Calls On iPhone

- Updated: 17th Dec 2022, 16:28 IST
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    What is Picture in Picture mode?

WhatsApp has announced that it is testing a new mode called Picture in Picture (PiP) for video calls on iOS devices. This new feature will allow users to scroll through other apps while video chatting seamlessly. Thus making video calls more efficient and convenient for users. This makes multitasking easy as it turns the video call into a little window that can be dragged across the screen.

Picture in Picture on iOS: Now in beta testing and rolling out in the new year, easily multitask while on a call, thanks to a minimised in-call video screen, Whatsapp said. Additionally, the company has also listed improvements to calling in WhatsApp this year.

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What is Picture in Picture mode?

Picture in Picture mode shrinks the video call into a small window allowing users to use other apps simultaneously. However, at present, Whatsapp does allow users to use other apps while on a video call. But in doing so, it pauses the camera access to WhatsApp. This means that the users do not get to use video if they switch to any other app or service.

Whatsapp pip mode

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Thus this new mode is all set to change it all. This feature is available to some beta testers via WhatsApp beta for iOS update from the TestFlight app. According to WhatsApp, this feature also uses official iOS APIs, temporarily allowing users to hide their video calls. It will also allow users to join group calls using a link, adding up to 32 participants in one video call. Moreover, it will grant the accessibility to mute or message a video call participant while the call is ongoing.

The feature also notifies when someone joins the video chat and visualises a participant’s speech through colourful waveforms. Thus helping the users understand when the person is speaking if they have their camera turned off. The users can also long press on a participant to enlarge their video or audio feed. Lastly, WhatsApp’s new features will allow users to easily share links for calls, similar to video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet. However, the new mode is still in beta testing and is expected to roll out by early next year.

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