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Are You Ready To Create Your WhatsApp Avatar? The New Feature Steps!

- Updated: 8th Dec 2022, 13:49 IST
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    WhatsApp Avatar Feature
    • How To Create Your Avatar?

WhatsApp recently introduced WhatsApp Communities to more users. Well, now WhatsApp is ready to pick out another feature for users. It is the ability to set up a WhatsApp avatar feature. Sounds Amazing?!

Users can get this new feature after installing the latest version of WhatsApp on iOS and Android.

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WhatsApp Avatar Feature

This Avatar feature came into existence in October. Well, then it was introduced for some lucky beta testers. They could set up their Cool Avatar! The users enabled this feature upon installing after installing the WhatsApp beta for Android update from the Play Store. Also the WhatsApp beta for iOS update from the TestFlight app.

WhatsApp started releasing this new feature to some lucky users on stable versions of the app. However, finally, it is going to come to us!

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How To Create Your Avatar?

Moreover, as users of WhatsApp, we are thankful for avatars. Wondering How? Well, this Avatar lets us express ourselves by creating a digital expression. It is created right within WhatsApp Settings.

WhatsApp Avatar Feature
WhatsApp Avatar Feature

When users customise an avatar, the app will automatically create a new sticker pack. This will represent the individuals. So as soon you get them you can start sending your own avatar sticker to your contacts.

Excitingly, there comes an option for you to even set up your avatar as a profile photo. Also, the users can edit their avatars at any time. What you need to do is just visit WhatsApp Settings and create your new avatar.

Moreover, your avatar messages are safe as they are end-to-end encrypted. This means no one can see the content of your message.

Meta messenger has announced that it is rolling out avatars through a blog post. It even mentioned that the app will improve this feature. They will do that by delivering several style enhancements with time.

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This new Avatar feature is released to users on WhatsApp for Android and iOS. It may appear for everyone in the coming days.