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WhatsApp Introduces Search For Messages By Date Feature

- Updated: 5th Dec 2022, 09:19 IST
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    How do you find messages by date?

A new feature on WhatsApp allows users to search messages by date. Users can easily jump to a certain date within a conversation with the new feature. Some people can use this feature in their chats and groups with the latest update. Moreover, if users want to check if the new feature has been rolled out to their account, they need to use the search feature. The feature is on your account if the calendar icon shows up.

Over the coming weeks, the feature will be rolled out to more users. The ‘forward media with caption’ feature on the messaging platform was launched earlier this week and allows users to forward images with a caption.

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How do you find messages by date?

It will be easier for users to navigate to a certain date in a chat with the new feature. Users can use the search feature within a conversation if a calendar icon appears in the chat box. The report states that it means that the feature is now available for their account.

The Search by Date feature is now available in the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS. It is present on the TestFlight app. It can also be used in personal chats and groups.

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The new feature is currently available to the public.

If you joined WhatsApp for iOS beta, you might see a calendar icon in the search bar. The new search-by-date feature will be in the chat window itself. To search a particular chat-

  • Open any personal or group chat.
  • In the search window, tap on the new calendar icon.
  • Now select the date you want to jump back.
  • Once you scroll back to the last conversation, you can easily find the messages you were looking for.
  • You can also jump back to the first message to send to your contact or in the group. Just select the date, and you’ll travel back to the past conversation in WhatsApp.

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Notably, not all iOS beta users have received the new update. However, WhatsApp will release it to more users in the coming days.