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Xiaomi 11T Pro Apparently Throttles Performance During Usage of Popular Apps

- Updated: 30th Sep 2021, 07:39 IST
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    Xiaomi 11T Pro is throttling the performance for games like Genshin Impact

Performance throttling is an issue we hear of from Apple but it looks like Xiaomi is also joining the list. In a recent development, reports of Xiaomi 11T Pro throttling performance for certain intensive applications have surfaced online. Although it might look controversial it is not something new. Performance throttling happens to control possible over-heating issues and thereby protecting the internals of the device.

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Xiaomi 11T Pro is throttling the performance for games like Genshin Impact

According to an Anandtech review of the Xiaomi 11T Pro, the company might be artificially throttling performance on the device. It is maybe doing so in lieu of avoiding excessive heat generation. He also found that the company would let the processor perform at full speeds with anonymous applications. However, it may throttle the processor’s power when it tricks it as known applications. It’s similar to issues other smartphone makers, including Apple and Samsung. They have all suffered these accusations in the past. This is usually written off by companies as safety features of sorts.

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For example, It spoofs apps to trick the phone to believe that it was running Ghenshin Impact. Then, the 11T Pro throttled its performance. It basically means that the Xiaomi 11T Pro reached its peak performance. It thinks a demanding game is running in a bid to prevent overheating and protect the internal components. Meanwhile, the reviewer also argues that such performance throttling instances should project onto the benchmark scores as well. This will give a clearer knowledge as to how much performance would actually be available on tap in real-life scenarios.

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Forcing a reduced performance isn’t a new thing like Xiaomi 11T Pro. Apparently, Xiaomi is able to recognize how much heat apps will generate and as a result, it will throttle the performance to avoid overheating. We need to test and see how many apps this will affect. We don’t think that the company will remove this in a near future, as it can easily say that it’s a method to extend the phone and the battery health.


Highlights of the Story

  • Reports of Xiaomi 11T Pro throttling the performance are surfacing.
  • Throttling the performance of the device hampers its peak performance.

  • It might be artificially throttling performance on the device to avoid excessive heat generation.

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