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Google Meet Beta Users Gets the Live Translation Feature

- Updated: 30th Sep 2021, 07:10 IST
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    Google Meet Live Translation Feature

Google has announced that Meet now has a live translation caption feature. When you enable the feature, the application will automatically translate spoken English into another language and generate captions on the run. The feature is now limited to English meetings that can be translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.

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Both the speaker and the listeners gain from having your speech translated into another language as you present it.

The functionality will be most beneficial, according to Google, in all-hands meetings and training programmes with globally spread teams, as well as educators talking with students.

Google Meet Live Translation Feature

Users of Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Teaching and Learning Upgrade can now use the feature.

Google Meet Live Translation Feature

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However, there is a catch: it is only released in beta. This implies that the Meet admin must first join in the beta. After they do, the feature will be switched on by default during a Meet video conference. You can check the same by heading to Settings – Captions – Translated captions.

When it comes to delivering new Meet features, Google has been on fire recently. The Meet camera started identifying when a user appeared underexposed and automatically increasing the brightness to increase their visibility.

In addition, the company recently improved the visibility of the Hand Raise in Meet, added additional filters and masks to Meet (but only for personal accounts), and added emoji reactions to the app.

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There’s no news on when the live translation caption feature will be more publically available on Google Meet. The fact that the feature is in beta suggests that it will eventually be available to everyone; but it could take weeks or months.