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YouTube Crackdown Against Ad-Blocking Apps; Encourage To Go Premium

- Updated: 19th Apr 2024, 16:07 IST
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    What Is YouTube Crackdown Against Ad-Blocking Apps?
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    To Encourage Users To Go Premium And Safeguard Creators

YouTube is ramping up its efforts to restrain the use of ad blockers, extending the crackdown to third-party apps on mobile devices. The company recently informed that it will step up enforcement of its terms of service, with a particular focus on cracking down on ad-blocking apps. The streaming giant announced its intention to take “appropriate action” against apps that allow users to watch videos without ads in violation of the API service’s terms of service. Let’s what YouTube has done so far.

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What Is YouTube Crackdown Against Ad-Blocking Apps?

YouTube announced in a statement that it will take action against third-party apps. Which allows viewers to watch videos without ads in violation of the API service terms. YouTube is committed to adhering to its Terms of Service and being mindful that ad-blocking programs can negatively impact creators’ ability to monetize their work.

YouTube Crackdown Against Ad-Blocking Apps

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Right now, the focus of YouTube’s crackdown is on its mobile application, which allows viewers to watch videos without ads. YouTube said that third-party apps, who are helping in ad blocking while streaming are violating its terms of service. So, they will soon face consequences. In a recent update, the platform warned users about accessing videos through these ad-blocking apps. They also may result in performance issues and error messages, specifically stating that “The following content is not available on the app.”

To Encourage Users To Go Premium And Safeguard Creators

This step is taken to protect creators, as disabling ads will impact revenue. The company said that disabling ads will prevent creators from receiving compensation for their content. Ads on YouTube play an important role in supporting creators. Because it makes the streaming service accessible to users around the world. Although YouTube primarily relies on advertising as its main source of revenue. Its features such as Super Chat, channel membership, and merchandise contribute to creators’ revenue.

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YouTube Premium subscriptions are another source of income for the platform. Most users try to bypass it by using an Ad-blocker. If you want to continue watching videos without Ads. YouTube recommends you choose a premium membership to enjoy an ad-free experience.

You can purchase a premium membership to enjoy an uninterrupted, ad-free experience. While supporting creators and continuing to create content on the platform. Subscription fees vary depending on the period. The YouTube subscription costs Rs 129 per month. The 3-month plan costs Rs 399, and the 12-month plan costs Rs 1,290 in India.

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