After a long wait, Microsoft had earlier taken a chance to reveal their next-gen console, the Xbox Series X at the Game Awards. Sony was earlier speculated to show off their PS5 at the CES but ended up just showing their PS5 logo which is essentially a PS4 logo with the number 5 in it. Soon after this, the world was taken aback by the Coronavirus pandemic and all the plans went to the drain.

The new and upcoming PlayStation 5 was completely unknown for the most part except for the partially known tech specs that were leaked earlier. Sony has now finally revealed the upcoming PlayStation 5 and showcased the impressive games, strong production values, and the hardware design of the upcoming PlayStation 5.

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The new next-generation console from Sony uses an extremely fast Custom SSD along with updated internals to power through any game with ease.

The design is aggressive, and Sony is known for it. The new PS5 looks extremely modern and very different from most other Consoles or any Audio Video equipment for that matter. It is common for gaming consoles to stick around for longer than most other electronics and eventually even the most unusual of the designs end up feeling very natural and welcoming after a point.

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Going by the size of the new PlayStation 5 it looks like Microsoft has outperformed engineering in terms of cooling systems or that Sony’s variable clock speed might be needing a much larger headroom in terms of thermal acceptance. It can be said with certitude that if you are the kind of gamer who looks for pixel-perfect gaming performance then the PS5 and the new Xbox Series X will be very interesting competitors.