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10 Best iPhone 13 Cases in India


iPhone 13 comes with a premium design which comprises of a glass back on an aluminium frame as well. Now, this is to be protected at all costs and hence, cases are of paramount importance.

- Updated: 21st Nov 2022, 23:47 IST
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    iPhone 13: 10 Best Cases to Buy in India
    • Apple Silicon Case with Magsafe
    • Apple Leather Case with Magsafe
    • Apple iPhone 13 Clear Case with MagSafe
    • Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case
    • Spigen Liquid Crystal Case
    • ESR Clear Case
    • ESR Air Armour Case
    • CASEOLOGY Spigen Vault Case
    • Spigen Thin Fit Case
    • Spigen Rugged Armor

So you have finally gotten your hands on the brand new iPhone 13 which was launched on September 14, 2021. What next? The most obvious thing that comes next is to look for protection against falls. Whether you are clumsy or not, accidental falls are pretty much impossible to evade at times. There can be several day-to-day scenarios where you may find yourself panicking at your premium device slipping from your hands or falling off a table.

Do not worry as we have got your back on this. When it comes to iPhone 13 cases, your preferences may be different to that of others and vice versa. While someone may like armored cases more, you may prefer something which is on the lighter side of things. Keeping all of this in mind, we have put together a list of the top 10 best iPhone 13 cases to buy in India right now.

iPhone 13: 10 Best Cases to Buy in India

10 Best Cases iPhone 13

Apple Silicon Case with Magsafe

Starting off with the official Apple iPhone 13 cases, first up is the Apple Silicon Case with Magsafe. Now, this official silicone case by the brand itself comes with a smooth texture. In addition, it also offers a premium feel alongside great grip. There is a microfiber layer inside the case which protects the smartphone from scratches. What more, there are multiple colour options to choose from! The official case can be purchased from the Apple India official store.

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Apple Leather Case with Magsafe

If you are tired of the conventional cases and want something different and more premium, this is it. The Apple Leather Case with Magsafe for the iPhone 13 takes the appearance of your device to an entirely new level. This official case is made of real leather so yes, it indeed is and feels very premium. Besides, leather offers a better grip and texture anyway. The case comes with MagSafe support as well and comes in several colour options to choose from. It can be purchased via the Apple India official store.

Apple iPhone 13 Clear Case with MagSafe

If you are looking to buy an official transparent case, this is for you. The iPhone 13 Clear Case comes with MagSafe support and offers great protection to your premium device. This particular case comes with a polycarbonate make and fits over your iPhone 13 perfectly. Besides, it is not just some random TPU case and comes with additional features like scratch resistance as well. In addition, it also comes with resistance to yellowing gradually over time. The clear case can be purchased from the Apple India official store.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Now, many people are very fond of kickstands and why not? Kickstand cases offer protection alongside a stand to binge watch on Ted Lasso and other series non-stop. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case does exactly that and even better. It is a thin transparent case that comes with a kickstand and provides good protection as well. The screen, corners of your phone and camera are very well protected via this cover. This case can be purchased via the Amazon India website.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

If transparent cases are your thing, the Spigen Liquid Crystal case is for you. The primary concern that many people have when buying transparent cases is their tendency to take on a yellowish hue over time. However, the good thing with this case is the TPU material with which it is made is yellowing resistance. Besides, it allows your iPhone 13 to hold on to its premium design and finish. Also, being lightweight in nature, it is very handy and does not feel heavy in your pocket.

You can purchase this case from the Amazon India website.

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ESR Clear Case

ESR is known for making excellent iPhone covers and the ESR Clear Case does not disappoint either. It is very lightweight in nature. If you do not want extra protection, then this is the case for you. This particular case it to offer minimal protection to your device while at the same time make it look sleek.

You can purchase this case from the Amazon India website.

ESR Air Armour Case

Now, if you want to get your hands on an armor case for your iPhone 13 while at the same time do not want it to be that heavy, this is for you. The ESR Air Armor back cover case provides Military-Grade protection to your device. In addition, there are Air-Guard corners that offer a certified drop protection during accidental falls.

Another important thing to note here is that the armor case comes with a crystal clear back design. This allows you to retain the premium iPhone 13 back panel design. Moreover, this crystal clear design is scratch resistance. There is camera and screen protection bumps as well for added protection. The case also offers convenient access to the phone’s wireless charging support. The ESR Air Armor Case can be purchased via the Amazon India website.

CASEOLOGY Spigen Vault Case

The CASEOLOGY Spigen Vault case is for those who are extremely clumsy. There are in-built grips on either side. These offer an incredible grip support alongside a premium in-hand feel. This is a tough but flexible case which offers single-layer rugged design.

In addition, the case comes with a defensive inner WaveShock pattern as well. This allows the case to absorb all the shock in case of accidental drops. Most importantly, the case comes with military grade protection as well alongside wireless charging compatbility. You can purchase this case from the Amazon India website.

Spigen Thin Fit Case

This back cover case by Spigen is very light and hence, the name. The buttons are easy to press and use. Besides, it looks stylish and allows you to retain the premium look of an iPhone 13 even when in use. In addition, the light weight nature of the case allows you to get a good grip over your phone. You can purchase this case from the Amazon India website as well.

Spigen Rugged Armor

The Spigen Rugged Armor back cover case is for the ultimate protection for your iPhone 13. The back cover case uses air cushion technology to protect your iPhone. This offers the best possible protection in case of accidental falls or bumps. In addition, it is a premium TPU silicone case that offers you a carbonised look. All-in-all a great case to go for if you like armor cases. This case is available for purchase on the Amazon India website.

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We hope our list of the best iPhone 13 cases that you can buy in India right now helps you in finding the perfect case for your premium device.


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