No idea what to do with your old mobile phone? Don’t throw those away until you read this guide filled with ideas that can give you good use of it. You can either give these old smartphones a new life or even earn some extra money! As technology is evolving along with our daily lives,…2023-01-30 12:58:01What Should You Do With Your Old Mobile Phone?

What Should You Do With Your Old Mobile Phone?


With phone companies recommending you get a new mobile phone every couple of years, it’s likely that you have a few old mobile phones lying around the house. So, why not get some use out of them? Here’s a guide to help you get the best out of an old mobile phone:

Updated: 30th Jan 2023, 12:58 IST
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    Here are a few cool things you can do with your old mobile phone
    • Cashify: A Trustworthy Alternative To Get Your iPhone Resale Done

No idea what to do with your old mobile phone? Don’t throw those away until you read this guide filled with ideas that can give you good use of it. You can either give these old smartphones a new life or even earn some extra money! As technology is evolving along with our daily lives, more and more mobile phones are ending up being tagged as old-dated devices. In the end, they all end up sitting somewhere in our house collecting dust with no use.

Why not change this? Because, here’s a little secret – not, our old mobile phones are worth a lot. All we have to do is find the right way to tap into its’ budding potential and make it useful once again. Instead of letting that device collect dust, reuse it! If it connects to Wi-Fi, it can still be a handy addition to the household.

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Here are a few cool things you can do with your old mobile phone

Among the multitude of uses, something which can top the list here is turning this old mobile phone to the kids in your family. In this day and age, every kid be it your sibling or your child is obsessed with phones at some level. So, why not turn these old phones into some use for them? Making it their go-to phone when they have their allotted mobile games time. This will also make it easier for you to handle your privacy and not worry about what kids could end up doing with your phones.

And what’s more? If you are also as into mobile games as young kids, then why not keep it as your gaming phone? As it will save your primary phone’s battery and so much more. You can also use it as an e-book reader for yourself if you are into reading. In today’s day and age, books are now available online for a much better price. So, rather than buying more hardcover books why not download PDF versions of the book you want to read? Use this old smartphone just as one uses Kindle. Interesting, isn’t it?

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If you are not interested in such options, well, there is one obvious use of this old smartphone for you. Turning it into an emergency phone, if it is in good working condition. While you probably have your phone on you at all times, it can’t hurt to have a backup device just in case.

However, the biggest use of your old mobile phone – if it is in good working condition, is donating it. There are many organizations that can benefit from your old device. You can even give it to someone needy around you. But if you don’t know any, well, we have an option tailor-made for you here. And what’s more, you can even make some money of off selling the old mobile phone.

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So, if your old mobile phone is in working condition or not, it may be worth some money to you. You can try selling your old phone to local dealers nearby or even list it on various direct selling websites like eBay, and OLX in India. All while, reaping cash for an old phone you did not use. But when selling old phones directly to someone, it comes with some disadvantages like putting personal details out, hassle on bargaining a good price or even dealing with strangers.

Cashify: A Trustworthy Alternative To Get Your iPhone Resale Done

But what if we have just the solution for you to sell your old mobile phone? Yes, that’s right! We bring you the best way possible to be rid of an old phone and get the most use out of it. All you have to do is to go and search Cashify on your search engines. Now, do these simple steps to sell an old mobile phone online:

·You need to install the Cashify App on your phone, or even open the website. 

  • Now, Cashify asks you to choose the storage variant and tap on Get Exact Value. 
  • After this, Cashify asks you some questions regarding the gadget’s condition. This is to help calculate your device value correctly by answering the questions.
  • Once you have answered the same, Cashify asks you to choose the damage on the gadget in a very simplified questionnaire. 
  • After answering all the questions, Cashify estimates the selling price they will offer once they pick up the gadget. And how exactly do you do that?
  • Simply tap on Sell Now under the quoted price for your gadget and book a slot at your convenience. 

Cashify within minutes assigns a Cashify technician to come to your place. What’s more, Cashify asks for no advance payment of any sort like pick-up charges. Unlike other online platforms, what sets Cashify Sell apart from the rest of the mobile resale industry is the fact that Cashify Sell offers doorstep service for your mobile selling. This means that it’s convenient. You never have to never visit a store or look for a shop. We come directly to your place of choice at the time you decide.

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Many users might wonder how does Cashify calculate the price for the device? So here’s how they do it. Cashify evaluates devices based on their condition, age, supply, demand & value in the resale market. Our AI mechanism accounts for all these factors to determine the best resale value for your device.

But here’s where it does not stop, Cashify also offers repair and a number of other services to its users. Users can sell their old tablets, laptops and more on Cashify within minutes with a few taps in the comfort of their homes. It also offers a platform where users can compare and get information before buying a new smartphone. Moreover, the platform also tries to keep its users updated with the latest technology news in the market.

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What’s more? Finding the best phone repair company may not be as difficult as you first think. Considering the above factors, contact a reputable phone repair service. By following this, you can rest easy knowing that a trusted expert like Cashify can fix your device issues. 

If you’re looking to sell phone online or want to recycle old phone, Cashify will help you get the process completed right at your doorstep.


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  • The first response would be to give it to someone in the family whose usage is not as great as yours.
  • Although the best way to get the most out of an old mobile phone is to sell it for some extra cash.

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