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Android 14 vs Android 15: All The Changes And New Features!


What are the factors worth noting in the ultimate Android 14 vs Android 15 face-off? While Android 14 is seasoned with lots of upgrades and features, Android 15 gives a glimpse into the future. Read the article to know more about them and decide which one to choose among the two.

- Updated: 21st Mar 2024, 13:07 IST
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    Android 14 vs Android 15: What To Know About Them?
    • Android 14 Features & Highlights:
    • Android 15 Features & Highlights (Vanilla Ice Cream):
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    Android 14 vs Android 15: Key Differences
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    Is It Worth Upgrading Now?
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    Final Verdict

There are some key points worth knowing in the Android 14 vs Android 15 comparison. Both versions have their special abilities. If you are someone who is thinking of getting a new phone to just experience the best Android version currently, this would be an interesting read for you. Also, after reading this, you can decide whether you should take the newer Android 15, which is still under development, or stick with the old one. So, let’s begin!

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Android 14 vs Android 15: What To Know About Them?

The Android 14 was released last year and has brought a bunch of improvements so far. Android 15 is currently in its developer preview stage and is expected to offer even more exciting features! Let’s get to know a little bit about these two latest Android OS versions to start off the Android 14 vs Android 15 face-off.

Android 14 Features & Highlights: 

Android 14

Most phones currently have this system. It’s a solid system with features like grouped widgets on the home screen and improved privacy controls for screen recording. Below, we have mentioned some more features that you might already be familiar with.

  • Ultra HDR Photos: Bring life to photos with vibrant colours, brighter highlights, and deeper shadows thanks to High Dynamic Range (HDR) support.
  • Generative AI Wallpapers, Custom Lock Screens & Monochrome Themes: To personalise and beautify your phone’s look according to your taste and add shortcuts
  • Phone as Webcam: Android 14 lets you use your phone’s high-quality camera as a webcam for video calls.
  • Smarter Data Sharing And PIN Security: Gain more control over your privacy with data sharing permissions and improved PIN security features.
  • Health Connect: Keep all your health and fitness data organised in one central location and access in one tap.
  • Simplified Google Home Control: Manage your smart home devices with just a tap directly from your phone.
  • Accessibility Features: They include improved magnification, non-linear font scaling, intuitive hearing aid support and flash notifications.

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Android 15 Features & Highlights (Vanilla Ice Cream):

Android 15

This is an early access version for developers to test. The primary focus is on performance, hardware access, and privacy. It has been codenamed Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s not recommended for everyday users because it might have bugs that can slow down your phone or cause crashes. However, there are some features you can expect.

  • Dynamic Performance Framework Update: Developers gain more control over CPU, GPU, and camera hardware.
  • Improved App Performance and Battery Life: Apps’ performance and battery life will see enhancements, enhancing user experience.
  • Direct Access to Camera Hardware: Developers can directly access camera hardware, enabling adjustments like display preview brightness and flash intensity for better image quality.
  • Partial Screen Sharing: Only records the app itself, excluding notifications and the status bar, ensuring improved privacy during screen recordings.
  • Enhanced Health Connect Service: Google Health Connect service offers more activities and fitness tracking, ensuring users’ health data remains secure.
  • App Archive: This feature lets you save space on your phones by archiving the apps you don’t use frequently, but you can’t delete them either because you might need them in the future. Special technology goes behind it, but it’s extremely helpful if you run out of storage space.

While Android 15 is primarily geared towards developers, there may be more consumer-facing changes to come in later versions.

Android 14 vs Android 15: Key Differences

Android 14 vs Android 15

The look and layout of the Android 15 are almost the same as Android 14. So you won’t feel lost while using it. Things should run smoother and faster, that comes with further updates. However, we are going to witness a few major changes based on the current versions. Let’s have a look at them at a glance.

FeatureAndroid 14Android 15 (Vanilla Ice Cream)
User Interfacededicated toggle buttons and You-themed for settings, custom sharing options in apps, screen pop-up changesMostly the same, with smoother animations
PerformanceGoodImproved smoothness and speed
Screen RecordingEntire screenFixed-size
NotificationsNo sorting by timeNew option to sort by time
FlashlightStandard brightnessOnly Pixel users can adjust intensity as of now
Font SizeNon-linear font scalingPossible future update to adjust in quick panel
Update SearchManual checkOption to record the entire screen or a single app
BugsStableMay contain bugs and crashes
AvailabilityWidely availableEarly access for developers only

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Is It Worth Upgrading Now?

If you are in a tiff between Android 14 vs Android 15, here’s the truth. For now, you can stick with Android 14. Vanilla Ice Cream is exciting, but with potential bugs, it’s best left to the developers for testing. As it gets closer to release, expect more features and a smoother experience. Then, you can decide if upgrading is worth it for the new flashlight control, screen recording options, and other cool features!

Final Verdict

At the end of our battle of Android 14 vs Android 15, it’s evident that both the Android versions have amazing potential. While Android 14 is pretty seasoned, The Android 15 has some of the most exciting features when it comes to storage management, user experience, and much more. However, it is still in the developing stage, so it only makes sense to update it when the stable version is out.

You can keep checking this space for more updates and share it with people who might me interested in the Android 14 vs Android 15 comparison!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Learn about the important changes and upgrades in the Android 14 vs Android 15 battle.
  • Check out the Android 15 features and compare them with Android 14.
  • Is it worth shifting to the latest Android version now? Find out in the article.