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Apple Watch X Specs Bringing Multiple Redesigns?: Know Details Here


The Apple Watch X specs reveal a significant step in Apple’s wearable technology, with groundbreaking design changes that signify a new era for the iconic device.


- Updated: 5th Sep 2023, 18:41 IST
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    The Anniversary Wearable: Apple Watch X
    • A Special Mark of a Decade
    • Innovative Design Changes: Apple Watch X Specs To Know About
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    The Imminent Launch: Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2
    • Expected Changes
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    Future of the Apple Watch: A Shift in Strategy?
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    Apple Watch X Specs: A Summary

As we approach a decade since the launch of Apple’s first wearable, the industry is abuzz with the tantalising prospect of the Apple Watch X. This special edition watch, anticipated to drop either in 2024 or 2025, has set the tech world abuzz with speculations and expectations. Alongside the immediate arrival of the Apple Watch Series 9 and second-gen Apple Watch Ultra, Apple seems poised to redefine the wearable technology landscape. Here are some Apple Watch X specs and rumours that have been leaked so far.

The Anniversary Wearable: Apple Watch X

A Special Mark of a Decade

The Apple Watch X is more than a product; it symbolises a journey marking the tenth anniversary of the Apple Watch. The excitement resonates with what was witnessed in 2017 when the iPhone X introduced a radical redesign and innovative features like Face ID. The expectation is that the Apple Watch X specs will carry the legacy forward with unprecedented innovations.

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Innovative Design Changes: Apple Watch X Specs To Know About

Some of the features that have become popular among the Apple Watch fan base include:

Thinner Watch Case

The pursuit of a sleeker form factor has led to the development of a thinner watch case. This advancement signals a departure from the existing design, emphasising elegance and comfort without compromising performance. By reducing the case’s thickness, Apple seems to be striving for a more comfortable wearing experience that could appeal to a wider range of consumers.

The possibility of achieving this design through innovative engineering solutions such as stacked batteries opens up new horizons for efficient energy storage. It’s not just a superficial change; it could be a testament to Apple’s forward-thinking approach, hinting at more significant internal modifications that may accompany this aesthetic refinement.

Thinner Case: Apple Watch X specs

Magnetic Bands

Alongside the thinner case, Apple is also reportedly considering magnetic bands, replacing the current locking mechanism. This change might seem subtle, but it has the potential to make a profound impact. The existing locking mechanism, although secure and functional, takes up considerable space inside the watch.

By replacing it with magnetic bands, Apple could free valuable space for other enhancements. This could pave the way for larger batteries, thereby increasing the watch’s lifespan or incorporating new components that enhance functionality. Furthermore, magnetic bands may offer users a more flexible and effortless way to customize their watch, aligning with a trend towards personalisation and ease of use.

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These design innovations highlight Apple’s commitment to redefining the boundaries of wearable technology. While maintaining a keen eye on aesthetics, the company is also exploring ways to enhance the user experience through strategic design changes. The thinner watch case and magnetic bands may appear as mere visual updates, but they signify a thoughtful approach to product development, where every design choice is meticulously crafted to add value.

Groundbreaking Features

The next year’s wearable from the American tech giant might also reportedly be the platform for launching two remarkable technologies. This will add to the Apple Watch X specs.

  • MicroLED Display: Long in development, microLED technology offers various advantages, including increased brightness and energy efficiency. Apple’s adaptation of this technology could significantly impact display manufacturing and reduce reliance on external suppliers.
  • Blood Pressure Sensing Technology: Perhaps the most anticipated feature, the Watch X may finally include non-invasive blood pressure sensing. This is more than a technological feat; it has significant implications for health monitoring and could be a game-changer in preventive healthcare.

The Imminent Launch: Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2


Despite leaks suggesting minor updates over the 2022 models, the Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 have not failed to garner attention. The supposed lack of groundbreaking features may deter previous buyers from upgrading, yet this doesn’t diminish the intrigue surrounding these new models. The tweaks and enhancements embedded within them might appear subtle at first glance, but closer examination reveals meticulous attention to detail that could enhance performance, efficiency, and usability.

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Expected Changes

From improvements in battery life to refined aesthetics, these new iterations signal Apple’s continuous commitment to delivering quality, even in minor updates. For those new to the Apple Watch family, the Series 9 and Ultra 2 promise to be gateways into a highly sophisticated wearable experience, offering the seamless integration that Apple is known for. The integration with other Apple devices, enhanced health and fitness tracking, and potential advancements in haptic feedback could make these wearables appealing to a broader audience.

Reports are pointing to a launch date of September 12th, in conjunction with the iPhone 15’s debut. Expectations remain tempered, yet the curiosity surrounding any potential surprises keeps the excitement alive.

Will there be new partnerships announced, such as exclusive fitness collaborations or healthcare initiatives? Could there be innovative software features that elevate the user experience beyond what’s been leaked? These possibilities, coupled with Apple’s reputation for precision and elegance, ensure that the launch event is eagerly awaited, not just by the tech community but by lifestyle enthusiasts and fitness aficionados alike.

Future of the Apple Watch: A Shift in Strategy?

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman hints at Apple contemplating a shift away from yearly updates for the Apple Watch. Though undecided, this change might reflect a strategic move towards quality over quantity. Minor updates, like those expected in the Series 9 and Ultra 2, can still drive growth, but a more spaced-out release schedule might allow for more substantial innovations.

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It would appear that all the real innovation that Apple can muster in its more consumer-friendly wearable products will take shape with Watch Series X. That does not mean that the upcoming Series 9 products should not be considered.

Apple Watch X Specs: A Summary

The forthcoming launch of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 will undoubtedly capture attention. But the horizon is even more exciting with the speculated Apple Watch X, poised to mark a decade of Apple’s wearable technology. The combination of redesign, innovative features, and a potential shift in Apple’s strategy paints an intriguing future for one of technology’s most iconic products. Whether these rumours become reality or not, they serve to fuel our collective anticipation and wonder at what lies ahead in the world of technology.

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  • The Apple Watch X’s thinner case should offer a modern look and enhanced comfort
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