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Best 4K Webcam To Buy For Laptops


Webcams are becoming increasingly useful in the post-pandemic world. For those looking for the best quality webcams, we list out the top 4K webcams available to purchase in India.

- Updated: 18th Jul 2023, 16:10 IST
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    What are Some of the Best 4K Webcams?
    • 1. Obsbot Tiny 2
    • 2. Logitech Brio Stream
    • 3. Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam
    • 4. Insta360 Link 4K Webcam
    • 5. BenQ ideaCam S1 PRO
    • 6. Logitech Rally Plus

Ever since the pandemic hit India and the world as a whole, there have been massive changes in the tech sphere. One key area that was highly impacted was that of video-calling and video-conferencing. Schools, offices and day-to-day conversations all moved online. Users started to opt to make use of the selfie cameras of their phones, tablets and even laptops for hours on end. 

That being said, there is a problem at hand, most people are content with their laptop webcams. But, if we compare these cameras to the selfie cameras of even budget smartphones and tablets, the latter will come out ahead. Most laptop makers do not pay attention to the camera setup of the device. This is due to it being a relatively less used feature. However, some users might spend hours using this camera for important tasks. If you are one of these people, you might be looking for better or good quality webcams. 

1080p webcams are quite good, but, for those who can afford them, 4K webcams are the way to go. They offer peak quality and crisp sharpness. This does come at a price of course. We list some of the best 4k webcams that you can buy if you want the best video-conferencing quality during your calls. 

What are Some of the Best 4K Webcams?

Before we begin, we would like to highlight that whilst these are some of the best webcams on offer, with the best quality possible, they do come at a price. There are cheaper alternatives, but for the user that wants that extra bit of quality, this might not matter as much. 

1. Obsbot Tiny 2

Obsbot Tiny 2: best 4k webcams

The first webcam on our list is the Obsbot Tiny 2. Do not mistake it to be a basic product due to its rather childish name. The company itself is known for its smart-tracking feature that follows the viewer, which has been immensely useful to people who stream and record every day.

Coming to the Obsbot Tiny 2, it is not a first-generation product. It is the third version of the Obsbot Tiny. It comes with a rather large 1/1.5-inch ISO imaging optical sensor with AI capabilities and proper focusing functionalities. There is also the feature of the Obsbot being a remote control, with hand-tracking also on offer. 

The companion app for the webcam is clean, yet functional. You get blurring options, beauty filters and even gesture control support for the Obsbot Tiny 2.

CLICK HERE to buy the Obsbot Tiny 2 on Amazon.

2. Logitech Brio Stream

Logitech Brio Stream

Widely considered by some to be the best 4K webcam on offer, the Logitech Brio Stream might be the safest bet when it comes to expensive webcams. It offers HDR support, which works pretty well and the 4k resolution on offer is crisp and enhances your calls.

Furthermore, the optical sensor can tackle multiple situations and fix shadow issues. It can even fix lighting flaws by adjusting the highlights. What this means is that you can easily use it even if your room has far from good lighting. 

For those with varying uses, the webcam offers multiple-angle views. They are namely 65, 78 and 90-degree field-of-view options. There is support for dual mics which make the webcam an all-rounder for most use cases.

CLICK HERE to buy Logitech Brio Stream on Amazon.

3. Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam

Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam

If you own a Dell laptop, you might feel a bit of bias towards this option on our list. With that being said, the Dell UltraSharp 4K webcam is one of the best options for those hunting for the best quality on offer.  

Optically, the webcam sports a Sony Starvis CMOS 4K sensor. This, with it can capture more light resulting in nice detailed video calls. It can also tackle HDR situations due to support for the same, much like the previously mentioned Logitech Brio. 

AI makes a cameo here as well. It comes with auto-framing, which is an automated feature that centre-aligns you to the screen. You can also choose from three field-of-views like the aforementioned option from Logitech. You can tinker with the saturation and other aspects via the companion app. 

Do note however that there is a minor drawback to the Dell UltraSharp 4K webcam. This is the absence of an in-built microphone. Dell might be hoping that you already own a mic, but, if you do not, do keep this key absence of an essential tool in the video-calling setup whilst making an informed choice. 

CLICK HERE to buy Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam on Amazon.

Insta360 Link 4K Webcam

Next up is an option from Insta360. It comes from a rather different brand choice. The Insta360 Link is a bit expensive, but, with its gimbal-like design and AI technology, it sort of makes up for its price. 

The brand offers a ½-inch sensor that is primarily focused on Instagram influencers or social-media stars in general. This is primarily due to the camera’s ability to rotate to cater to the vertical-video format. Hand gesture support is present, with the ability to turn on AI tracking, amongst other things. 

The Insta360 Link does come with dual-noise cancelling microphones. There is also software support allowing you to tinker with elements like exposure, balance and even the position of the gimbal. If you have a use case that requires such features, this might be a good option for you. 

CLICK HERE to buy Insta360 Link 4K Webcam on Amazon.

5. BenQ ideaCam S1 PRO

BenQ ideaCam S1 PRO

The BenQ ideaCam S1 PRO is a premium webcam that comes with a remote control, a 15x macro lens and built-in Noise Cancelling microphone. The one unique feature that makes this stand out from the rest is that it has a portable design and offers flexible shooting modes. These include Desk-view and Hand-held mode. The webcam is on the pricey side and is available for Rs. 19,000.

CLICK HERE to buy BenQ ideaCam S1 PRO on Amazon.

6. Logitech Rally Plus

Logitech Rally Plus

The final option on our list is one that is highly useful if used in an office or a classroom, which has more than 10 people inside. The Logitech Rally comes with a unique technology known as RightSight. This adjusts the optics to cover all the participants in a room or a large area. 

Imaging-wise, the webcam offers 4K support and can even balance the lighting for the people involved in the room. You can use it in varying conditions, from bright halls to dimly lit classrooms, it is quite versatile.

Do note however, if you are looking for an individual-use webcam or if its for just one or two people in the frame, the Logitech Rally does not really fit the use case and can’t justify the pricing for this webcam setup.

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