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Best Alternatives To Clash Of Kings For Android And iOS


Similar to many of the renowned gaming application with MMORTS like Clash of Clans and Clash of Lords, Clash of King issues an immersive game-play by letting the gamer built their communities, armies, conduct arm battles, and tower defence, get a civilization settled on their island and combat to conquer new ones, train massive troops of the army to earn gold and embrace the glory.

By Yeti - 
1st Jul 2020
ELEX Clash of Kings

Highlights of the Story

  1. Clash of Kings is a game by Empire Game Studio as it offers gamers an amazing experience of MMO and real-time strategizing.
  2. The recent ban on Chinese apps by the Indian government has led many people to look for alternatives with a similar gameplay experience.
  3. Here we have compiled a list of games that also have the same elements as the Clash of Kings game.

This action-adventure, MMO, Real-time strategy combat game was developed and published by Elex Wireless. The game is meant for fast-paced gamers and succeeds in letting the user immersion into the real-time multiplayer battle arena experience.

The game gives an option for player Vs player combat arena battle with the fellow online kings. Defeating the enemies would fetch points that could be redeemed against the purchase of upgrades, power-ups, and other stuff. 

Clash of Kings under the hood is a wholesome pack of excellent mechanics, high definition and delicately created graphics, addictive, and impressive gameplay.

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Top Four Alternatives to Clash of Kings App

Boom Beach:

boom beach

Boom Beach is a game with the fantastic utility of MMO and real-time combat strategy. This game provides intense battle-based gameplay on both the Android and IOS OS. Finland based company named Supercell was the originator of this app which lets you establish massive empires, strategies, and execute wars against the enemies either solely or by forming alliances with other players.

In this way, you could hunt for gold and other resources like wood, iron, silver, and much more for the betterment of your community and strengthening the armed forces. You as an admin could train the troops, give them weapons, build research and development facilities with dedicated buildings for them, defeat the enemies for glory, and the loot. 

Initially, you will be awarded a handful of kings’ subjects like ordinary people and a small army troop and later you have to establish a new settlement. Boom Beach offers a great treat to a gamer with realistic visuals and immersive gameplay, and some miniature fascinating objectives which could prove to be a fun-filled activity for many. The installable files are of size 232.5 MB.

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Clash of Clans: 

clash of clans

Supercell seems to be the manufacturing factory of the leading free-to-play war based MMO and RTS gaming applications. On the second number is Clash of Clans. This application will run on both Android and iOS platforms. Over here, you can reproduce a massive community and elicit loot and wars to flourish the king’s subjects like habitats in the reign, land, resources like gold and elixir(black or white).

You can redeem the gold and elixir earned to buy upgrades to strengthen the armed forces for the security of the community from enemies. Clash of Clans offers a more enthralling experience by letting the user create multiple categories of warriors in an army like troops of barbarians, giants, archers, goblins, wizards, wall breakers, balloons, healers, dragons, and PEKKAs. Besides them, you could also form Dark Elixir Troops which comprises minions, witches, golems, valkyries, and lava hounds. 

You have the facility to create an army and lead it with a barbarian king, an archer queen, and grand wardens, to train and use the armed forces against enemies and for loot in and after the war. You can use building elements for the establishment of research and development institutions, mines, defensive structures, farms, townhall, inferno towers, various gold, and elixir storages. 

Upgrades are available in the AppStore using which you can leverage the facility to renovate the damaged buildings and repair other stuff. The advanced MMO algorithm match-makes you with other clans of equal capabilities and equally equipped. This application is backed up with brilliant access to the audio and visual settings letting the user have immersive gameplay with HD visuals and high-end graphics. The installable files are of size 100 MB.

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Total Conquest:

total conquest

Another top-listed free-to-play MMO and RTS combat-based gaming application is ‘Total Conquest’. This Gameloft developed Android and iOS compatible application offers fantasy aesthetics that would take you back in the past era of roman empire civilization.

The game lets you be the king of the reign where you could govern the community, regulate settlements, build and train vast army troops, rage wars against the enemies for their cultivated land, resources, and technologies. One of the primary objectives that total conquest sets is to develop and strengthen the army for self-defense and evade or evacuate (if needed) from the enemy attack and to leave a mark of your victory and power by fluttering the flag. 

Similar to any other above-mentioned app, this one will also let you create defense troop units, construct structures like bases, town halls, barracks, mustard grounds, archer’s lookout towers, cloud blasters, set up traps, and much more. This game is about wars and glory. MMO and RTS combat enthusiasts must try it once for an amazing experience. 

Shadow Kings:

shadow kings

This remarkable MMO-RTS war-based gaming application was developed by a Germany based company known as GoodGame studios. The game takes you to a dwarf world with everything at a miniature height and you by default become the king of this dwarf world. Shadow kings let you wage wars between Orcs and the Elves. The storyline describes that hundreds of year-long running battles between the two groups have devastated every inch of the land of the city of mystery and ultimately the power goes in the hand of Orcs.

The ultimate aim is to form allies with other dwarfs and rage war against Orcs for seizing the power back to you. To achieve the objective, the game lets you establish and flourish a civilization protected by army personnel.

So this was a list of a few apps which we found interesting. We hope you enjoy these games!


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