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5 Best Cellecor Earbuds To Buy In India May 2024


Finding reasonably priced yet reliable TWS earbuds is a major hassle. However, with these Cellecor earbuds, you get both and a lot more.

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 10:17 IST
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    Best Cellecor Earbuds In India – Top 5 List
    • 1. Cellecor BroPods CB01
    • 2. Cellecor BroPods CB06
    • 3. Cellecor BroPods CB05
    • 4. Cellecor BroPods CB01+
    • 5. Cellecor BroPods CB04
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    Should You Buy Cellecor Earbuds?

If you are here, you are probably considering checking out the newest brand in the TWS block. Good decision indeed, as Cellecor earbuds are great options. For those unaware, Cellecor is a leading brand in the ultra-budget or feature phones market. The brand has been dominating the space in Northern and Western India. According to a report by Devicenext, the brand has recently hit the 300 crores mark in sales.

They dwell in mobile accessories as well and have recently launched their Cellecor BroPods series of earbuds in India. There are multiple different earbuds from this series. They are very affordable and do seem like a very strong competitor in the wireless earbuds space. Without any further ado, let us take a look at what the brand has to offer.

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Best Cellecor Earbuds In India – Top 5 List

1. Cellecor BroPods CB01

First up, we have the Cellecor BroPods CB01. Now, these are the most expensive from the BroPods series of earbuds. However, you will not regret getting it as it sure does offer everything that you need from a great pair of earbuds. For starters, this wireless TWS offer ENC, aka Environmental Noise Cancellation. It is better to have ENC than no noise cancellation at all.

Additionally, you get up to 30 hours of battery backup on a single charge. This is surely for you if you hate running out of battery on your earbuds. These will surely last you for a very long time. Additional features include Type-C charging, Bluetooth v5.1, and a super stylish design. There are also three distinct colour options to choose from!

Cellecor Earbuds CB01 Price in India: Rs. 1,399

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2. Cellecor BroPods CB06

In the Cellecor BroPods series, the CB06 is the one that lies somewhere in between. That reflects easily through the price of this pair of earbuds. The CB06 comes with Auto-pairing facilities alongside a 13mm driver.

It takes just 60 minutes to fully charge the charging case of the device. Once that is out of the way, enjoy up to 25 hours of battery backup. Most importantly, these are IPX5 waterproof-rated earbuds we are talking about. So, you can expect that level of durability from these.

Cellecor Earbuds CB06 Price in India: Rs. 1,149

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3. Cellecor BroPods CB05

The Cellecor BroPods CB05 features a 13mm driver. So, you can expect some pretty nasty bass on these earbuds. Not to mention, they also feature Active Noise Cancellation at a price point of under 1000. It is mind-boggling to even think how the brand managed to add this in.

However, do keep realistic expectations as you certainly won’t be getting equal performance to that of the premium Nothing Ear (1) or Apple AirPods Pro. So, for budget earbuds, these are more than enough.

Cellecor Earbuds CB05 Price in India: Rs. 999

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4. Cellecor BroPods CB01+

Next up, we have the Cellecor BroPods CB01+. In more ways than one, it is very similar to the CB01. However, one thing that really sets the two apart is the design. The CB01+ is for you if you are really into the Apple AirPods design. It looks very similar to the AirPods and that is not a bad thing.

Another good thing about these affordable earbuds is that they come with water-resistance too. In addition, you get all the other good stuff like ENC and 25 hours of battery backup. Easily, one of the best Cellecor earbuds to buy in India.

Cellecor Earbuds CB01+ Price in India: Rs. 999

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5. Cellecor BroPods CB04

The CB04 is the most affordable earbud of the lot. In the under 800 segment, this is one of the best earbuds you can get in India. At this price point, you get to see Environmental Noise Cancellation on the earbuds.

Additionally, the earbuds are capable of providing up to 20 hours of battery backup on a single charge. That is, if you include the charging case.

This Cellecor BroPod runs on Bluetooth v5.2 as well. This means that you are on the latest tech and will face rarely any connectivity issues. Moreover, there is also an in-built mic to make use of during calls.

Cellecor Earbuds CB04 Price in India: Rs. 799

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Should You Buy Cellecor Earbuds?

Given the success of the brand, it is understandable that the brand definitely has been doing something right. For a brand like this, you can trust using their newly launched product lines too. In this case, the brand new series of Cellecor BroPods. The earbuds definitely look promising.

Moreover, the fact that they are so aggressively priced in a highly competitive market, means that the brand is surely not looking to hold back on anything. Expect to find every feature that you may need on wireless earbuds. We hope that this list is what you have been looking for!

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  • Cellecor earbuds in India range anywhere between Rs. 799 to Rs. 1,399.
  • These earbuds are waterproof, offer up to 25 hours of battery backup and sport a stylish design.
  • This article lists the top 5 TWS options from this Made in India brand.

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