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5 Best Electric Water Heater Geysers In India February 2024


Why cold water when you can enjoy the service of warm water so comfortably at your home? Yes, you heard it right. The electric water heater is the right option to serve you with some attractive feature.

- Updated: 31st Jan 2024, 19:30 IST
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    Five Best Electric Water Heater That You Can Use
    • 1. Crompton Amica Storage Water Heater
    • 2. Bajaj New Shakti Neo Water Heater
    • 3. V-Guard Divino Storage Water Heater
    • 4. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015 Storage Water Heater
    • 5. Crompton Solarium Qube Storage Water Geyser
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    Final Words

Electric water heater is the most commonly used form of geyser used in individual houses, multi-storeyed buildings, flats, etc. Even though it is used in most seasons, the electric geysers are prominent for the winters and for all those who want a good dose of hydrotherapy to relax their body all year long.

Electric water heater geysers have three primary components:

Inlet pipe to bring the cold water inside the gas chamber

Heat exchange for treating the cold water and heating it for further storage and usage.

Outlet pipe to deliver hot water for consumption to users. 

electric water heater

Besides, there is a storage chamber that keeps warm water and can be accessed at any time, depending on the use. They come in different sizes depending on the capacity- while few are compact, many others are bulkier. Cost varies accordingly as per the size of the geyser, utility, and different features offered.

Electric water heater are commonly used in households as they are easy to install and maintain. They are more widely used as compared to the other forms of geysers like gas geysers, etc. They can also store warm water for a long time, a feature not present in most instant geysers.

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Five Best Electric Water Heater That You Can Use

Consider buying amongst the set of the best electric geysers listed below.

No.ProductCapacityPriceBuying Link
1Crompton Amica Storage Water Heater15L₹6,820Purchase Now!
2Bajaj New Shakti Neo Water Heater15L₹5,998Purchase Now!
3V-Guard Divino Storage Water HeaterVarious
Purchase Now!
4AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015 Storage Water Heater15L/25L₹7,349Purchase Now!
5Crompton Solarium Qube Storage Water Geyser25L₹9,098Purchase Now!

1. Crompton Amica Storage Water Heater

Crompton Amica Storage Water Heater

This electric water heater is one of the most energy-efficient options you will come across. A five-star rating in the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) helps you conserve significant power. The geyser has anti-oxidation and corrosion properties based on the nano poly bond technology. Besides, it has a storage chamber that can hold up to 15L of water. The inner chamber is made to tackle hard water. On the outer body, you can find a temperature control knob that can be adjusted as per your requirement or the prevailing season. 

Highlights Of The Product:

  • Energy Efficiency: Five-star Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) for significant power conservation.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Three-level safety system, including a multi-functional valve, capillary thermostat, and automatic power-off for enhanced home safety.
  • Hard Water Resistance: Specially designed chamber with magnesium and nickel-coated anode to combat scale formation in hard water conditions.

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2. Bajaj New Shakti Neo Water Heater

Bajaj New Shakti Neo Water Heater

This electric water heater by Bajaj comes with a metal body. The outer body gets hot at times, especially when the temperature of the geyser increases. The heating element is made of copper, which increases the longevity of the geyser. One can install it in high-rise buildings and apartments too. The tank comes with an enamel coat on the titanium glass that prevents rusting. 

Highlights Of The Product:

  • Energy Efficiency and Capacity: 4-star BEE rating with a 15L capacity.
  • Advanced Durability Technology: Titanium armour and swirl flow technology prevent corrosion and oxidation.
  • Copper Heating Element and Versatility: Long-lasting copper heating element; suitable for pressures up to eight bar.

3. V-Guard Divino Storage Water Heater

V-Gaurd Divino Electric Water Heater

Available in a different capacity, the V-Guard Divino geysers are perfect for those looking for a five-star rated appliance. It comes in various capacities, which you can order as per your need using the link mentioned in the table. It gives it pre-insulated pipe insulation to maximise overall heat retention. 

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The electric water heater has an Incloy 800 heating element that contains nickel in the majority, making it corrosion and scale-free against hard water, preventing smell. Made of a dry enamel coat and single weld line joint, the tank is a leak-proof zone. However, the stealing features are the safety measures it offers. One can use it in multi-storeyed buildings (tested up to 35 floors). 

Highlights Of The Product:

  • Versatile Capacities: Available in 6L, 10L, 15L, and 25L capacities, catering to different needs.
  • Efficient Heat Retention: CFC-free PUF (Polyurethane foam) with pre-insulated pipe insulation maximizes overall heat retention.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: A 5-in-1 safety valve prevents vacuum formation, reverse water flow, and intense pressure buildup.

4. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015 Storage Water Heater

AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015 Storage Electric Water Heater

AO Smith has developed a power-efficient solution to meet your hot water needs dotted with two major indicators on the outer body. One is dedicated to checking the power supply, and the other looks into the heating process. Once the heating is completed, it displays a red colour. 

The heating element prevents the formation of rust or scale on the surface, giving longer life to the device. Besides, the safety valve and thermal cutout ensure the temperature is kept within the check. The compact size of the electric water heater gives it a nicer fit for smaller areas, too. 

Highlights Of The Product:

  • Efficient Design: 15L and 25L options, five-star rating for power efficiency.
  • Smart Indicators: The outer body features indicators for power supply and heating status.
  • Longevity and Compact: Blue diamond glass-coated heating element, safety features, and compact size.

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5. Crompton Solarium Qube Storage Water Geyser

Crompton Solarium Qube Storage Water Geyser

The box-like, sleek design of the Crompton geyser makes it stand out from regular geysers. It can save energy so that it does not burn your pockets (tough to get such deals these days!!) The temperature control knob helps you to choose the warmth of water you are looking for. It has three levels of advanced safety valves for users’ convenience and to make it more secure to use.

As mentioned by Crompton, the Solarium Qube has the ability to attain a 45-degree Celsius temperature within ten minutes. It can easily resist corrosion and oxidation even in high temperatures and pressure. Thanks to the nano poly bond technology! 

Highlights Of The Product:

  • Innovative Design and Capacity: Sleek design; 25L capacity for ample water storage.
  • Energy Efficiency and Temperature Control: Energy-saving features to avoid excessive costs; Customizing water warmth.
  • Advanced Safety and Quick Heating: Three levels of safety valves for enhanced security; can attain 45-degree Celsius temperature within ten minutes.

Final Words

With multiple great options for a great electric water heater in India, you might be well aware of your final decision. Different parameters would help you choose the right one for your use. As we end this article, a word of consciousness would be of no harm. Most of us who have electrical equipment at home have seen how we unnecessarily waste precious energy sources.

After all, electricity is produced from fossil fuels like coal, gas, etc., that are non-renewable. So, it is necessary to use every resource at our disposal with great care. Even though an electric water heater does provide the auto-cut option to save power, it would hardly take a minute for you to disconnect the equipment from the main power supply once it is used. Somebody already put it right- “For your better tomorrow, save energy today.”

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Highlights of the Story

  • As the name suggests, an electric water heater employs the need for electricity to generate hot water.
  • Most commonly used, they are accessible, have easy maintenance, and affordable price.
  • The market size of electric water heaters was estimated to be USD 23.2 billion in 2020, and it is expected to grow to USD 40.1 billion by 2030.
  • If you are also looking to buy one, choose from our selected list of specially shortlisted products.

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