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6 Best Solar Water Heater Geysers In India February 2024


Prepping for winter and looking out for the best solar water heater geysers? Stay calm and choose among the best options curated specially for you.

- Updated: 31st Jan 2024, 19:31 IST
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    Six Best Solar Water Heater In India
    • 1. Sudarshan Saur Solar Water Heater
    • 2. Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water Heaters (SS-003)
    • 3. Racold Alpha Pro Solar 100LPD Domestic Water Heaters
    • 4. Solarizer Spring AV 200L Solar Heaters
    • 5. Diman Solar Water Heater ETC 200Ltr
    • 6. Green Sense Water Heater
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    • What is a solar water heater and how does it work?
    • Why switch to a solar water heater?
    • How to choose the right solar water heater?
    • What are key features of recommended solar water heaters?

Hot water provides a great way to relax yourself in whatever weather condition you want. With the help of some amazing and best solar water heater geysers, you can choose a great one for your home, depending on your usage.

However, as the world is talking more about sustainability and going green, there is a change in households, too. People are now looking for the source of renewable (like solar, wind, and hydel) to produce energy. Even the electricity produced for households and industries is leaping changes by inducting renewable energy sources. 

With the best solar water heater geyser, you know all you need is sun rays to heat the panel and, thereby, water in it. Sun energy is considered a clean and sustainable energy source. If you live in an area receiving ample heat, then solar water heater geysers are the best choice for you to have. Not only in winter, but people prefer to have a hot/warm bath every season as it gives more relaxation to the body. So, the solar water heater may come in handy for you, too. 

By using solar energy, you are not only reducing the burden on fossil fuels like coal, gas, etc. but also making the planet greener through your eco-friendly choices. India already ranks fourth in the global ranking for solar power generation due to its geographical location, industrial and manufacturing abilities, and much more. So, if you have not finalised the geyser yet, here are some spoiling choices for the eco-conscious you!

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Six Best Solar Water Heater In India

ProductFeaturesPriceBuy Link
Sudarshan Saur Solar Water HeaterMultiple colours, five-year guarantee, steel inner and outer body, gravity feeding, glass-coated pipes.INR 22,500Buy here!
Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water HeaterMultiple colors, five-year guarantee, steel inner and outer body, gravity feeding, glass-coated pipes.INR 29,999Buy here!
Racold Alpha Pro Solar Water HeaterLow carbon steel, glass enamel coating, suitable for medium hard water, flat plate collector, and tempered plates.INR 22,000Buy Now
Solarizer Spring AV 200L Solar HeatersLow carbon steel, glass enamel coating, flat plate collector, and tempered plates.INR 60,900Buy Now
Diman Solar Water Heater ETC 200LtrExtra auxiliary tank, galvanized powder-coated stand structure.INR 25,500Buy Now
Green Sense Water HeaterThree evacuated glass tubes, anti-corrosion inner tank, galvanized powder-coatedINR 22,000Buy Now

To provide you with excellent options for your next purchase, here is a list of the six best solar water heater.

1. Sudarshan Saur Solar Water Heater

best Solar Water heater sudarshan saur

One of the most trusted brands that comes to mind while discussing solar water heaters is Sudarshan Saur. It is the only star-rated brand in India and is renowned for excellent after-sales service and lifetime customer support. With its impeccable design, latest technology, affordable pricing, and customer confidence, the solar water heater system by Sudarshan Saur is definitely the one we can vouch for.

Let’s say you want to save your monthly electricity costs and you are also environmentally conscious. In that case, you should go for a solar water heater from Sudarshan Saur; it cuts down your existing electricity bills to provide a return on investment within 2-2.5 years on a typical 200LPD system.

The system has a ten-year warranty and an inner tank lined with crystal blue glass technology. The internationally renowned glass lining keeps the inner tank rust-free and scale-free to provide clean, hygienic hot water and impart longevity to the solar water heater. Additionally, it is well-equipped to handle all sources of water, including hard water with high salt content. 

2. Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water Heaters (SS-003)

Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water Heaters

The 200L capacity solar water heaters come in multiple colours and are enough to serve four to six people in a day. The solar tank comes with a special five-year guarantee, which is generally not the case with other tanks. The inner and outer body of the tank is made of steel, which gives it more robustness.

The geyser is made with advanced technology to keep the water inside the tank heated at most times. This is achieved as the inner tank uses gravity feeding for low mixing of hot and cold water and provides longevity to the inner tank.

The pipes are glazed with a glass coating, making them more reliable in tackling hard water that could cause corrosion. 

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3. Racold Alpha Pro Solar 100LPD Domestic Water Heaters

racold domestic heater

The robust and best solar water heater by Racold has the capacity to heat around 300L of water. Made using specially treated Duronox, the material provides resistance and durability to the water heater. Additionally, it also allows the prevention of corrosion in the pipes and tanks. 

One of the unique features of this domestic water heater comes in the form of float valves that are of particular utility in windy areas. Besides, it minimises the long air vents to keep water warm and provide safe usage.

While another water heater might face some sensitivity to hard water, this one is specially designed for handling water up to 1000ppm (parts per million of calcium carbonate in water). The tank comes with a five-year warranty, and the entire build is made as per international standards. 

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4. Solarizer Spring AV 200L Solar Heaters

solarizer solar water heater

The product is made with low-carbon steel and glass enamel coating. It can efficiently handle medium-hard water. It is best suited for non-pressurised applications that can make good vent pipes and conduits.

This solar water heater geyser has a specialised design as it contains a flat plate collector of copper tubes and a glass-enamelled coated tank. The plates are tempered to avoid any breakage due to minor causes.

Having a capacity of 200L, it is most useful for household purposes. It comes in different sizes and variants.

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5. Diman Solar Water Heater ETC 200Ltr

If you are looking for a solar-powered heater with a capacity of up to 200L, this is a good option. It is ideal for a smaller number of people and is available in golden and green colours. The product comes with a Tube size of 58x1800mm.

The inner tank boasts a 1.5mm thickness of galvanized iron, providing sturdy support for long use. Its outer tank is powder-coated, offering high resistance to corrosion and ensuring longevity.

The powder-coated structure is built to withstand atmospheric corrosion, providing added durability. The high-quality tubes, crafted from borosilicate glass, contribute to better performance, especially during winter and cloudy days.

PS: Always ensure that such solar water heater geysers are installed at the location receiving maximum light at your house.

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6. Green Sense Water Heater

Green Sense Water Heater

This solar water heater comes with three evacuated glass tubes and has an anti-corrosion inner tank. It comes in two different variants of 100 LPD and 200 LPD and is galvanised powder coated.

The seamless finish basically comes in an affordable range and has five years of warranty. The solar water heater has zero operational costs and is quite sustainable in nature, too. One can consider installing it in domestic as well as industrial setups. The PUF insulation helps to keep the water warm throughout the day.

If you want enhanced life of solar water heaters, then this might be an excellent choice for you. It has the latest welding technology gives you 20 years of life.

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Solar panels making use of the sun’s energy have the capacity to save 15-20 per cent of the total energy. Considering the worsening environmental conditions, overutilisation of fossil fuels, and a warmer climate, one has to switch sooner or later.

Even international organisations, countries, non-governmental institutions, and individuals emphasise the need to switch to cleaner energy like the sun. This is basically the time when you finally need to make a call. After all, every choice matters! So, using the selected list of the best solar water heaters mentioned above, you can make one wise and conscious decision to make the earth greener and better.

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What is a solar water heater and how does it work?

A solar water heater utilizes sunlight to heat water. Solar panels capture energy, initiating a process where a fluid, often a mix of water and antifreeze, transfers heat to the water stored in the tank, providing a sustainable way to generate hot water.

Why switch to a solar water heater?

Switching reduces environmental impact by decreasing reliance on fossil fuels. It also offers cost savings on electricity bills while contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly energy source.

How to choose the right solar water heater?

Consider the heater’s capacity, warranty, and technology. Match the capacity to your hot water needs, opt for longer warranty periods for durability, and evaluate advanced features such as glass-coated pipes and gravity feeding.

Recommended solar water heaters, such as Sudarshan Saur and Supreme Solar, boast features like steel bodies, glass-coated pipes, and flat plate collectors. These enhance efficiency, durability, and the ability to handle different water conditions.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Solar water heaters provide a cleaner form of warming the waters using the sun’s energy.
  • It reduces excessive pollution that goes into the generation of electricity.
  • Most prominent in the mountain regions, people have also started adapting the technology in other areas.
  • Solar energy increases efficiency and helps save 15-20% of the energy.
  • Here are the seven best solar water heaters employing the use of solar energy that you can use.

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