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5 Best Free Offline Games For iOS You Can Play In July 2024!


If you are an iPhone user, Check out the list of the Best free Offline games for iOS!

- Updated: 25th Jun 2024, 22:25 IST
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    Top Five Best Free Offline Games For iOS!
    • 1. My Friend Pedro – Ripe For Revenge
    • 2. Sniper 3D
    • 3. Sushi Surf
    • 4. CarX Rally
    • 5. Dadish 3
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    Frequently Asked Questions
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Are you looking for some fun games to play with no internet connection? If yes, this article is for you as we will explore the Top Five Best Free Offline Games for iOS! Offline games are a must if you struggle with the internet and have time to spare!

In such a situation, we sometimes feel like we don’t have much to do. But with offline games, you can easily pass your time. Be it a waiting line, a metro station, or a delayed flight, we are here for your rescue!

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Top Five Best Free Offline Games For iOS!

These games can be played even if your phone is on Airplane mode and there is no access to Wi-Fi or Internet data around you. I have tried to make the list as unique as possible so that I can cover games from various genres.

1My Friend PedroScroller ShooterAction-packed, addictive gameplay.Steep learning curve initially.
2Sniper 3DFPSEasy to play, impressive visuals.Requires downloading missions prior to offline play.
3Sushi SurfCasualSimple controls, fun for all ages.It might lack depth for experienced gamers.
4CarX RallyRacingRealistic graphics and various control options.Difficulty spike in later races.
5Dadish 3PuzzleEngaging puzzles.It may not appeal to gamers looking for action-packed gameplay.
Top Five Best Free Offline Games For iOS!

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1. My Friend Pedro – Ripe For Revenge

My Friend Pedro Games for iOS

Enter a world where you become the ultimate hero, taking down bad guys in true Hollywood action style. This side-scrolling shooter might take a bit to get used to, but once you grasp the mechanics, it’s a blast. The game encourages practising new moves and skills, allowing you to rack up multipliers for epic takedowns.

Download For iOS

2. Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D offline game for iOS

This game offers a thrilling first-person shooting experience. However, keep in mind that you need to download missions before entering no-internet zones. As you progress, expect challenging missions with impressive graphics and engaging gameplay. All of these things make this game worth mentioning in the list of Best free Offline games for iOS.

If you are some who loves to play sniper related games, then this one is worth the try and my own personal favourite.

Download For iOS

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3. Sushi Surf

Sushi surf for iOS

Designed to be kid-friendly, Sushi Surf is a simple yet entertaining game. Players navigate an ocean, swiping the screen to catch fish while executing flips for extra fun. It’s straightforward, making it perfect for quick gaming sessions.

Your kid will learn a thing or two while playing this simple, easy to understand yet challenging game.

Download For iOS

4. CarX Rally

CarX Rally offline game

Test your skills in this adrenaline-pumping rally racing game. Handling cars is the key here, and if you’re familiar with titles like Need for Speed, you’ll feel right at home. The game offers exceptional graphics and multiple control options, including gyroscope settings and controller support, but don’t be fooled—the difficulty ramps up quickly as you progress.

Download For iOS

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5. Dadish 3

Dadish 3 for iOS

Get ready for a puzzle-solving adventure reminiscent of classic platformers like Super Mario. Dadish 3 challenges players to navigate through puzzles and obstacles, providing long-lasting gameplay for fans of brain-teasing challenges.

Download For iOS

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 How to get free game iOS?

Ans: To get free games on iOS:

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. If you see a “Get” button instead of a price, the app is free.
  3. Click “Get” to download the app without any charges.
  4. Note that some free apps may have in-app purchases or subscriptions for additional features and content.

Q. 2 Can iOS download Google Play games?

Ans: No, iPhone or iPad cannot download and play games from the Google Play Store. Apple and Google are different and don’t support each other’s games on their platforms.


In the end, I can say that these five best free offline games for iOS are something worth downloading if you want a companion with you at times when there is no internet. Each game offers a unique experience catering to different gaming preferences, whether you’re into action, puzzles, casual play, or intense racing. These games are sure to give you a fun and relaxing experience from high to low or no internet around you.

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Let me know if there is a game that I have missed mentioning on this list. I would love to hear from you!

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