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How To Stream GTA On Netflix?: A Quick Guide!


Fancy an ultimate gaming experience in a movie streaming app? The official release of GTA on Netflix this December is going to change the world for gaming enthusiasts. Read the article to learn more about GTA Trilogy on Netflix, Play Store, and App Store.

- Updated: 5th Dec 2023, 18:26 IST
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    Netflix And Mobile Gaming!
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    GTA Trilogy From Netflix & Playstore- The Definitive Edition
    • How To Acess GTA On Netflix?
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For the ultimate gaming enthusiast who’s also a movie keeda at heart, the mere thought of GTA on Netflix is like a dream about to come true. Just imagine the thrill of satisfying both your gaming cravings and your binge-watching tendencies without juggling multiple platforms or draining your wallet. Netflix will have you experience a cinematic adventure and a fun virtual ride through the streets of San Andreas under a single subscription.

If this gets you excited, dive into the article to learn more about this latest release of the decade-old popular GTA Trilogy on Netflix, Play Store, and App Store.

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Netflix And Mobile Gaming!

The mobile gaming industry has experienced unprecedented growth since 2022. The streaming giant Netflix wants to tap into this booming market in a real sense this time. By that, we mean Netflix had already entered the gaming arena back in 2021. However, only one per cent of the subscribers barely knew or played the games. Now, with a plethora of popular titles such as The Queen’s Gambit Chess, Teenage Ninja Turtle, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, Twelve Minutes, and Tomb Raider Reloaded, amongst the catalogue of eighty games, Netflix has established itself as a hub for gaming enthusiasts.

And it’s not just the gaming enthusiasts who are in for the treat. Netflix has now become this cool hub for all kinds of entertainment. Along with binge-watching series, if you ever want to explore the world of GTA on Netflix, it’s right there waiting for you.

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GTA Trilogy From Netflix & Playstore- The Definitive Edition

GTA Trilogy on Netflix Playstore app store

Netflix is making a strategic move by bringing the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – The Definitive Edition to its platform. It makes memberships even better, giving subscribers access to an iconic gaming series with no ads, in-app purchases, or extra fees.

In the table below, find the release date of GTA Trilogy on Netflix, Playstore and App Store.

Game TitleRelease DatePlatforms
Grand Theft Auto III – The Definitive EditionDecember 14, 2023App Store, Google Play, Netflix
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive EditionDecember 14, 2023App Store, Google Play, Netflix
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive EditionDecember 14, 2023App Store, Google Play, Netflix

If you are a GTA fan, the good news is that you don’t have to wait till December 14th for registration. The pre-registration has already started on the platforms mentioned above. Please note that the latest GTA Trilogy will only be available on mobile devices, tablets and iPads.

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How To Acess GTA On Netflix?
gaming on netflix

Here’s what you can do to get GTA on Netflix once we have the official release.

1. Install Netflix App:
Download the Netflix app from the app stores on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Get Netflix Subscription:
If you are not a subscriber yet, sign up for Netflix and create an account.

3. Explore Gaming Section:
Inside the app, find the gaming section. Use the search to locate the GTA Trilogy. Netflix usually offers a diverse range of games, and the GTA Trilogy might be featured prominently.

4. Click and Install:
Click on the Trilogy, view details, and follow the on-screen instructions to install.

5. Start Playing:
Launch the game and start on your GTA adventure!

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In conclusion, the fusion of Netflix and the gaming world is nothing short of a thrilling affair. With the upcoming release of the GTA on Netflix, subscribers can seamlessly transition from binge-watching their favourite series to an adrenaline-fueled gaming adventure. Netflix not only enhances memberships but also solidifies the platform as a one-stop hub for diverse entertainment experiences. It’s still early days, though. Netflix is just getting started with this whole gaming thing, and maybe more people will start playing as they learn about it. Who knows? The gaming world on Netflix might become the next big thing!

What are your thoughts on having GTA on your favourite movie/series streaming app? Are you excited for the release? Do share in the comments. I would love to know!

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  • In this article, learn about Netflix’s venture into mobile gaming and how you can stream GTA on Netflix.

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