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10 Best Free Online Video Editing App You Should Use in 2024


With smartphones being a huge part of our lives, constant video surfing has also become a huge norm. But those who love creating videos also require editing tool to make them good. Here are some of the best online video editing apps available in 2021:

- Updated: 2nd Jan 2024, 16:47 IST
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    10 Best Free Online Video Editing App
    • 1.
    • 2. Renderforest
    • 3. Flexclip
    • 4.
    • 5. Clipchamp
    • 6. Canva
    • 7. Animoto
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    • 9. Fastreel
    • 10. Biteable
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    Final Thoughts

Video editing has sort of become an essential part of digital media. Earlier it used to be the job of an expert, now with an intuitive app and AI coming into play, the video editing field has become a little easy. However, the complexity of video editing has also paved the way for a new and friendlier solution, and the need has given rise to online video apps. These online video editing apps are designed to be effective and quick. They don’t require any software/hardware installation. You just need a general laptop and a good internet connection, and you’re good to go.

In this article, we have highlighted the best free online video editing app, where you can quickly upload a video file and edit the footage in minutes.

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10 Best Free Online Video Editing App


Invideo free online video editing

The popular free online video editing app is no stranger to the world of video editing. InVideo is an excellent platform to quickly edit and publish your video. It has got thousands of video templates that you can swiftly modify and make an Instagram story or YouTube video. Though the free online video editing app has a premium subscription for its power users, you can always use it for free. The free users will get 5,000+ video templates, automated text speech, and a 15min video duration per video.


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2. Renderforest

Renderforest best video editing

Another free online video editing app that allows you to create quick marketing videos without too much technical and creative knowledge. In the free account, you can create unlimited 360p video, 300MB of cloud storage and access to 200k+stock videos. Renderforest also allows you to Logos, animation, audio editing, graphics, and build a website. It’s a complete marketing solution for your brand. Renderforest has various products in its portfolio and has made an online niche platform that will help your brand grow.

Website: Renderforest

3. Flexclip

Flexclip free editing

Flexclip is another addition to the free online video editing app. It has almost all the features of its competitor and offers quite a good stock video collection. In the free version of the app, you can create 480p videos and have a maximum of 12 different projects. However, the video length can only be up to one minute. Though it is suitable for a short video clip, it won’t work on the long video that you publish on YouTube. Flexclip is promising. However, their free online video editing app aims to capture the Instagram and TikTok market.

Website: Flexclip

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Veedio Best free video edting is an emerging online video editing app that offers free and premium editing tools to its users. On Veed you can add photos, video footage, and audio files and make your video quickly with the dedicated template. Apart from that, you can also add subtitles and transcribe the video file as you want. It also has a screen recorder, webcam recorder and voice recorder, so you create your video with full details. With the free online video editing tool, you can create 10 minutes of video and unlimited projects; you’ll also be able to export 720p videos for free.


5. Clipchamp

Clipchamp Free online video editing

Clipchamp is one such online video editing app that can offer your professional tool without having to install any software. It has thousands of video templates and can export videos swiftly. You can trim a video file and multiple layers of video as you do in the professional video editing application. In the free version of the app, you’ll be able to export unlimited videos at 480p. You’ll also get several free templates; with its help, you can easily create an eye-catching video.

Website: Clipchamp

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6. Canva

canva Free online video editing

Canva is not a new platform. We all are aware of its photo and graphic designing platform. However, Canva also has a free online video edit service that enabled users to edit and create video footage for free. The website has thousands of customisable stock videos and features like drag-and-drop. Just like its image library, the video template library of Canva is also extensive and continuously growing. It has pre-licensed stock videos, which you can simply drag and drop and get on working with. It also has hundreds of free audio tracks and images that you can use in your footage.

Website: Canva

7. Animoto

Animoto Free online video editing

The cloud-based video creation platform Animoto has multiple features in its portfolio. Using the pre-configured template, you can drag and drop video, photos, and audio files and create quick footage. You can also use the stock footage and create beautiful footage. The free online video editing app offers unlimited video at 720p; you can use up to 50 music tracks and 30 colour swatches. It’s a fun and quite a good online video editing tool that you can use and get used to.

Website: Animoto

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Wave video editing

Wave is a new online video editing tool; it has almost all the features and comes in a compact pricing. You’ll get access to 2 million royalty-free videos and images. However, you won’t be able to download the file; the platform only lets you share the video file on another platform such as Instagram or YouTube. Though online video editing app has certain limitations like a 15-second editing limit, you can use the free online video editing app to create fun and creative video for your social media.


9. Fastreel

Fastreel editing

Quick, good quality and affordable; that’s what Fastreel’s motto looks like in the field of online video editing. It has several templates that will help you make quality and quick videos. Just click on the template and create video footage by adding personalised pictures and videos. With the free online video editor plan, you can create unlimited video and export it in HD, but it will have a watermark. However, their early subscription is much more affordable than it looks.

Website: Fastreel

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10. Biteable

Biteable editing

Biteable is a simple yet robust video editing app that lets you edit video footage in a jiffy. The app has a friendly user interface and can quickly create a video. You’ll get unlimited exports and up to 4 million pictures, clips, and animations with the free online video editor. The free plan allows you to use nearly all the tools and create a professional video, however, with a watermark.

Website: Biteable

Final Thoughts

What seems like a quick online video editing app can swiftly revolutionise the entire video editing software industry. These platforms are excellent and offer a premium feature in a click. You can access these tools from anywhere and can edit and create the video. You’ll also don’t need to have any additional hardware. Invideo, Canva, and Rendershare will be our top picks that you should try out. However, if you’re feeling daring, you can try all the other video editing apps; they all are unique in one way or another.

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