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    10 Popular Video Editing Apps in 2021 for Android and iOS


    These days video editing apps are a must-have for any smartphone user. You are constantly capturing pictures and videos from your smartphone but posting them online and showing it to your friends is a task for another day. You can quickly create a creative clip and share it on your social media with a video editing app. So, don’t wait around, we have shortlisted the most popular video editing app for you, try them out and let us know.

    By Kamlesh Ranjan | 
    Updated: 9th Sep 2021 07:23 IST
    Popular video editing app

    Highlights of the Story

    • Video editing has become an essential part to make an impact on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.
    • Try our top best video editing apps and make your next story, a fantastic story.

    Those days are gone when video editing used to be a job for an expert. The 2021 apps have made video editing simple and much more automated than it used to be. Today, you just need to install the app, upload the video clip, click some button here and there, and the app will do its magic. There are plenty of free and paid popular video editing apps that you can choose from. However, in this article, we highlighted the best video editing apps that will perfectly fit your next fantastic Instagram Reels and WhatsApp status.

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    10 Popular Video editing apps:

    1. Wondershare Filmora GO

    Filmora Go best video editing app

    A professional mix! That’s the first thing you’ll notice while using the Filmora Go App. It has all the trendy features bundled into a sweet package. The more you use this popular video editing app, the more you become a pro in your editing game. You can Trim and cut video and quickly share it on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram reels and WhatsApp reels. The plus side of this app is that it can export video in HD quality with the perfect smartphone-style aspect ratio.

    Install: Android, iOS

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    2. Kinemaster Video editor

    Kinemaster best video editing app

    One of the most popular video editing app with over 100 million downloads. The Kinemaster app has a simple user interface and gets the video editing job done very smoothly. In addition, the app has cool colour filters and colour adjustments that will make your video look excellent. It also EQ presets and volume envelope tools that render immersive audio. Users can also save video up to 4k 2160p at 30fps in this app and edit it.

    Install: Android, iOS

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    3. PowerDirector – Video editor, video maker

    PowerDirector best video editing app

    Cyberlink corp has been a champ in their video editing game for two decades, they are the pioneer in developing the best video editing app for the PC. Their PowerDirector app is no doubt a worthy shot in the smartphone video editing platform. It has a simple UI, good features, and, most importantly, a swift rendering time that efficiently utilises both performance core. In addition, you can edit and export 4k video, fix shaky camera footage, replace the background if the footage has a green screen. And last but not least, you can upload the video to YouTube and Facebook directly.

    Install: Android, iOS

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    4. Filmr

    Filmr Popular video editing app

    Created by the very popular video editing platform inVideo, Filmr is the mini-version of inVideo that is free to use. You can select as many videos as you can from your camera roll and create a beautiful video by adding it all together. Crop, Split, Reverse, Record, Rotate, you name it, the feature is there. Fill might be the best video editing app when it comes to automated video creation.

    Install: Android, iOS

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    5. Adobe Premiere Rush

    Adobe Premiere Rush Popular video editing app

    No, it’s not Adobe Premiere Pro at all. The Premiere Rush might look like its toned-down version of the desktop application, but it has a simpler tone. However, the pro features are always there; you get a professional video graph bar that lets you quickly add multiple laters into your project. So the Adobe Premiere Pro might be the best video editing app if you have a knack for something like this.

    Install: Android, iOS

    6. Inshot- Video editor & video maker

    inShot best video editing app

    Want to trim video, add effects, music and Funimation’s; Inshot is your answer. The smooth UI can give your video an excellent effect and quickly make an eye-catching social media post. In the app’s free version, you can do video cutting/splitting and merge different video clips together. The only reason the app made it to our popular video editing app list was that the app doesn’t lose any quality, making it a crisp and quality exported video.

    Install: Android, iOS

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    7. GoPro Quick: Video editor & maker

    GoPor best video editing app

    Action camera and fun videos it’s a perfect recipe for Instagram reels. And GoPro quick might be the best video editing app for the sole purpose. It has one tap footage transform feature that quickly transform your footage into shareable content. It also has a unique feature- Mural that allows you to add your favourite footage and photos and create a library. This simple yet powerful tool might be the best video editing you can have.

    Install: Android, iOS

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    8. Clips for iPhone users

    Clips Popular video editing app

    The free video editing app for iPhone users is a charm when we talk about Video editing. This popular video editing app has multiple features and takes full advantage of the Apple hardware, especially the memoji. You can record and capture immersive AR spaces and create funny memoji videos. In addition, the selfie scene puts you into 360-degree video environments where you can video with a special filter and sound effects.

    Install: iOS

    9. Action Director video camera

    Action Director Popular video editing app

    Made by Cyberlink, the Action Director is another popular video editing app that does the job. You can trim, edit videos quickly and create fun animation effects. In addition to that, you can also record action footage to give a nice professional effect. The app has more than a dozen transitions that will be best suited for action footage.

    Install: Android

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    10. Vimeo Create

    vimeo create Popular video editing app

    Vimeo is a popular video streaming platform, and they have yet another popular video editing app that is fast, reliable and can create good quality videos. You can edit a template or create and edit completely raw footage. In addition, the Vimeo create app has a beautiful after effect feature that adds animation and excellent transition effects. You can change multiple templates and create unique footage just in one tap.

    Install: Android, iOS


    The video world has completed changed; today, a simple video doesn’t make that much hype as a cut-to-cut video with good song and effects. Reels might be the best place to utilise these apps since all of these are popular video editing apps and can quickly fulfil your requirement for any video editing task. What looks like banal video editing apps may turn out to be your go-to video editing companion and change your overall video sharing experience. Let us know in the comment section about these best video editing apps. Ta-da!


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