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Top VivaVideo Alternatives To Edit Videos On Android And iOS!


VivaVideo was a very famous video editing app from China for Android and iOS, while there is many alternative video editing software on the app stores, very few of them are as feature-rich as VivaVideo. The app came with easy to use editing tools making video editing on a smartphone extremely simple. The VivaVideo app came with a lot of attractive filters, good sound effects, and a few pre-defined themes that you could easily slap on your video to make it look professional. However, the VivaVideo app can no longer be used by Indian users as it is banned in India by the Government. Here are the best alternatives to VivaVideo that are available in India.

- Updated: 1st Jan 2021, 05:28 IST
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    Adobe Premiere Rush

VivaVideo was a famous video editing tool for smartphones and very few apps on the Play Store or App Store come with features that can match up to it. The app comes with easy-to-use editing tools and allows you to apply filters, sound effects, or pre-defined themes to make your video look good. The app by itself is pretty good for on-the-move editing and offers some decent features but there are a few downsides including the clunky UI and the lack of an option to handle multiple tracks smoothly.

VivaVideo is a famous video editing platform that has been amidst multiple privacy concerns in the past, it is important to use a very safe and reliable video editing app as these software’s deal with our private and personal files. Sometimes we have very important data being editing that is meant for our personal viewing and if these apps do not follow the right security protocols then they might be hacked, and our data being misused.

There are multiple other alternatives for VivaVideo from reliable developers that offer better privacy, it is important to use an alternative during this time as the government has banned the VivaVideo app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in India. Luckily the alternatives mentioned below offer equal or better features compared to the VivaVideo app along with better security to ensure that your private videos remain private. 

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VivaVideo was designed for both personal and professional use, some of the alternatives offer excellent tools for creating marketing and branding videos, while others are inclined towards making short clips for TikTok, Instagram, and similar apps. There are also a few apps that strike the perfect balance between the two and offer a good experience to both, newbies and pros.

The Chinese built app i.e VivaVideo has also had an unreliable past in terms of safeguarding the personal data of the users and was even marked as spyware in the past by the researchers at VPNpro. This alongside the other tensions between China – Indian governments perhaps led to the banning of VivaVideo to ensure the data of Indian users are protected from misuse. Here are the best alternatives for VivaVideo on Android and iOS to let you edit on the move.

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While VivaVideo rose to fame due to its simplicity and ease of use, KineMaster is not too far behind it. There are a lot of areas where the KineMaster performs better than VivaVideo, one such important aspect is the interface of the KineMaster which is clean, elegant, and very smooth. This makes navigation a breeze and also comes with an option to add and combine multiple layers of video to making editing clips less hassle-free on a mobile device. The app also comes with color adjustments allowing you to correct the existing colors or applying color filters, the interface and working on KineMaster is straightforward and easy to use.

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KineMaster - Top VivaVideo Alternatives for Android and iOS

KineMaster also has a massive library of effects and it comes very close to VivaVideo including the slow-motion effects and sound effects. There are also some very good transitions that you can check out, the KineMaster is a very good replacement and a fully-featured alternative to the VivaVideo app in our experience.

Install: Android and iOS


Magisto is a great app if you wish to create catchy videos that top the trending charts on major platforms, the app allows you to create a fun video for Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and more using a large collection of professionally designed tools. The app also seems to use AI to simplify the editing process, the entire process is very straightforward, and you can easily get a good grip on making videos quickly and get started with the app.

Magisto - Top VivaVideo Alternatives for Android and iOS

Magisto has a massive music library and has a wider variety and list. The Magisto movie maker also allows you to create an easy slide show or a video collage. While the app is available for free download, using the app to the fullest requires you to get a premium upgrade of either $29.99 a month or $59.99 a month. This can quickly rack up in terms of bills and feel expensive, if you are ready to pay for the app then there are few alternatives that can match up.

Install: Android and iOS 


PowerDirector is a very powerful VivaVideo replacement that comes with a pro-grade video editing tool. The app is really ahead of the competition and allows you to edit and export videos in 4K as long as you have a phone with decent specifications. The app comes with a handy adjustment tool allowing you to comfortably tune the speed of the video if you want to either fast-forward the video or create a slow-motion video.

PowerDirector - Top VivaVideo Alternatives for Android and iOS

The app also comes with a video stabilizer option to fix shaky footage, the video stabilizer in the app is very consistent and delivered good results overall. The app also comes with several transitions’ options with effects, filters, and backgrounds ensuring you have the luxury to choose from various styles.

Install: Android

Adobe Premiere Rush

If you are okay with an initial learning curve, then you should certainly use the Adobe Premiere Rush application. It allows you to create cinematic movies at ease from your smartphone itself. As in the case of all Adobe offerings, the Premiere Rush is equipped with a large library of powerful tools along with a multitrack timeline allowing you to take four videos and three audio tracks and work with them all at once.

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Adobe Premiere Rush - Top VivaVideo Alternatives for Android and iOSThe app by Adobe is on par with VivaVideo when it comes to filters and effects, the app comes with good flexibility allowing you to customize your video, fine-tune the color, size, font, and more. The app also comes with sound balancing, noise reduction, and more features.

Install: Android and iOS

Update(January 2021)


InShot is one of the most efficient alternatives to VivaVideo app. It is a video editor app in which you can create & edit existing videos both. It provides tons of templates to choose from. It also provides a unique feature of customizing the video ratio.

With this app, you can also make amazing transition videos. It came as a replacement to VivaVideo after the Chinese apps ban. You can make premium quality videos with the app. With the in-app camera provided, you can also record your videos. It provides various features & option for the user to choose from.

It is one of the best replacements for the VivaVideo application.


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Highlights of the Story

  • VivaVideo is a simple video editing app for smartphones that has its base in China. The app offers an easy way of editing videos on the move
  • The app was recently banned by the Government of India with rising privacy concerns to protect the data of Indian users
  • VivaVideo has not had the most reliable track record in terms of safeguarding personal data and was identified as spyware by researchers

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