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Best SHAREit Alternatives For File Sharing In India!


Just a few days ago a notification was released saying that the Government of India has banned a total of 59 Chinese apps in India amidst rising border tensions between China and India, this move was also pushed ahead based on the privacy concerns on these Chinese apps that have allegedly stolen data from Indian users in the past. SHAREit is one such important app in the list of 59 apps that has a large user base, the app is mainly used to share files between users easily. Luckily, we have a lot of apps now that offer similar functionality that is relatively safer than SHAREit and is not banned in India.

- Updated: 16th Jul 2020, 07:54 IST
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    Files by Google
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When the Government of India released the list of Chinese apps that are going to be banned in India it was rather surprising to see some very big names on the list including TikTok, SHAREit, WeChat, and more. However, it is a well-known fact that most of the apps on the list have already had privacy-related issues in the past and have resulted in user data breach a lot many times. SHAREit is one such famous app that servers a very useful utility purpose.

SHAREit has been in the middle of controversies before and despite being backed by large corporations and we’ve seen less than reputable content being displayed on the app before. It is important to use a secure file sharing app as these apps get access to the private files on your smartphone for sharing them. If the app is malicious, it can transmit this data to the servers of the company. While this is still unlikely, there is a remote possibility that a malicious file sharing app can easily spy on you and gather information about you that can be used without your permission.

SHAREit requests full access to the photos, media, and other files on your smartphone during the setup, while this is mainly done to simplify the sharing process, we cannot be completely sure that the data and the permissions are never misused. Using a reliable File Sharing solution is extremely important to ensure data integrity. It is very common for users to have private and personal files on their smartphones and by using malicious apps on the smartphone we make this data vulnerable and can be misused against us. 

There are multiple apps, especially for Android users that allow you to share files across devices easily without using SHAREit. Here are the top alternatives to SHAREit in India.

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Files by Google

If you are looking for a SHAREit alternative then Files by Google might be a good option, it also works as a file manager and allows you to seamlessly send and receive files without any ad or notification. The speeds go up to 150Mbps while transferring media across devices. Files by Google also comes in a Go Variant making it work well on Android Go powered smartphones and doesn’t use up too many resources.

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Files by Google - SHAREit is one of the 59 apps banned by the government of India recently, file sharing is an important task, so here are some best alternatives to SHAREit in India

The Files by Google app is also optimized for high-speed transfers and doesn’t come with any file limit or size limit, the app supports transfer for images, videos, music, and other types of files making it a universal file transfer solution. Files by Google app is made by the company behind Android itself and is very safe to use without worrying about any privacy concerns.

Install Files by Google: Android (Free)


ShareAll application comes with an interface that almost resembles that of SHAREit, this makes the move very easy from the SHAREit application. The entire process is replicated by the Indian developer and this adds to the convenience of making a switch as there is no learning curve involved before you can use this new application in place of SHAREit

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ShareAll - SHAREit is one of the 59 apps banned by the government of India recently, file sharing is an important task, so here are some best alternatives to SHAREit in India

ShareAll is a good alternative to SHAREit and is made by an Indian based developer allowing you to transfer all types of files without internet access or pesky cables. The app is completely free to download and use and also supports high-speed file sharing using Wi-Fi direct based mechanisms. The app also doesn’t come with any file size restrictions of any sort allowing you to share your files easily without having to pay for an expensive app or mobile data.

Install ShareAll: Android


SuperBeam is one of the first file-sharing applications and has existed forever without any privacy concerns or wrongdoings. SuperBeam makes it easy to share files or entire folders between Android devices using Wi-Fi direct technology or a common Wi-Fi connection to transfer data at very high speeds. SuperBeam allows you to pair devices using QR Codes or NFC and allows you to connect to a PC or Android phone for easy transfer.

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SuperBeam - SHAREit is one of the 59 apps banned by the government of India recently, file sharing is an important task, so here are some best alternatives to SHAREit in India

SuperBeam comes with a very simplified interface that allows users to select files, folders, music, photos, or videos and then start sharing them with another device by simply pairing the two devices with a QR Code or a Sharing key. There is no number or size limit for transfer of the files but the free version only allows you to share the files to one device at a time, getting the pro variant enables more features and adds support for PC transfer as well.

Install SuperBeam: Android


JioSwitch comes under the umbrella of Jio and supports a wide range of file types to transfer from one smartphone to another. The app comes with cross-platform support and allows the transfer of data between Android and iOS. JioSwitch allows you to select individual files and share it across the device, there is no size limit or files limit for sharing on JioSwitch making it a convenient choice for most users.

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Jio Switch - SHAREit is one of the 59 apps banned by the government of India recently, file sharing is an important task, so here are some best alternatives to SHAREit in India

The app claims to be about 100 times faster than Bluetooth and does not require any internet connectivity, the JioSwitch does not even come with any ads which is a major advantage that it possesses compared to the other applications. JioSwitch offers a very similar interface to the SHAREit app and it will be very easy to make a move and start using JioSwitch as your primary sharing app.

Download JioSwitch from Google Play Store

Download JioSwitch from Apple App Store


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Highlights of the Story

  • SHAREit was one of the most used File Sharing apps and is very well known for the high-speed transfer of images, videos and apps between devices
  • SHAREit and Xender, both offer similar functionality and are both in the list of banned apps from China
  • Alternatives like Files by Google, ShareAll and Jio Switch offer similar functionality to users and are relatively much safer to use than SHAREit