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How To Remove All Chinese Apps From Your Smartphone!


China has been involved in a lot of bad PR in recent times, not very long ago the entire world blamed China for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Many countries across the world have also demanded a transparent investigation into the reason behind the pandemic and how it spread throughout the world. Amid the worldwide pandemic, China has also induced a dispute with India across the border and gained additional hatred form the international community. These reasons combined with the ever-increasing privacy concerns have led to a massive shift of users away from Chinese apps.

- Updated: 26th Jun 2020, 07:53 IST
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    How To Remove Chinese Apps From Your Smartphone

China has continuously been in the media for the last few months, mostly for the wrong reasons. The ongoing border dispute between India and China has only made things worse and increased the anti-China sentiment in India. Chinese apps have also been involved with a lot of privacy concerns in the past and garnered a lot of negative attention. Several apps including UC Browser, Mi Browser, CamScanner, and even TikTok have been accused of wrongdoings for various reasons.

This has led to a massive hatred among most Indians as they try to move away from Chinese appliances, smartphones, and even applications are given privacy concerns. A new app called “Remove China Apps” has gained immense popularity with over 5 million downloads in just two weeks of its launch. The app is available for free on Google Play Store and can scan your smartphone for user-installed applications of Chinese Origin and helps you easily un-install the Chinese apps.

The app from OneTouch AppLabs has received over 96,000 reviews and has a rating of 4.8 suggesting that the app has been effective for most of the users. The app doesn’t ask for any permissions so you do not have to worry about the privacy issues, it can be downloaded for free and did not come with ads in our experience. The anti-China sentiment throughout the world is mainly driven due to the COVID Pandemic and as much as 70% of Indians hold China responsible for the spread of the pandemic according to reports. This sentiment only grew stronger due to the ongoing issues at the border between China and India.

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The choice to remove Chinese apps or not is a subjective issue and it is completely your call based on your day to day usage. However, if there is an app that you are using that is trustworthy and irreplaceable then it might not be worth removing. In most cases, there are better alternatives from companies that take user privacy more seriously and it is not difficult to find replacements for most Chinese apps.

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How To Remove Chinese Apps From Your Smartphone

How To Remove China Apps From Your Smartphone

  • Start the process by Downloading Remove China Apps from the Google Play Store
  • Launch the app on your smartphone and click on the Scan Now button
  • The app will scan all the installed apps on your smartphone and show a list of Chinese apps on your device
  • After the scan is completed and the list is shown to you, you can click on the delete button next to the app name to remove it

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This is the easiest way to detect and remove Chinese apps from your smartphone if you are looking for it. It is important to understand that some apps from China might not be identified as there is no certain way of identifying them. The app only provides a simple approach to manually locating the Chinese origins of applications installed on your smartphone.


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Highlights of the Story

  • India and China are again in a border dispute invoked by China amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Amid the border dispute and the China being blamed for the Coronavirus pandemic, Chinese apps have garnered a lot of hatred among users
  • Rising privacy concerns from several Chinese apps has only added to the wound and resulted in a massive shift of user base