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5 Best Video Maker App With Song To Use For Social Media November 2023


Looking to make some amazing content in the form of reels and videos on the video maker app with song inclusion? These five best ones will help your audience stop scrolling from such videos right away.

- Updated: 30th Oct 2023, 12:12 IST
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    Best Video Maker App With Song Addition Features
    • 1. Kinemaster
    • 2. Inshot
    • 3. Instagram
    • 4. Filmora
    • 5. Magisto
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    Synopsis: Best Video Maker App With Music

Reels and video content are growing rage for social media these days. Some of the best video maker app with song can make your video social media friendly. These applications are best for editing videos that work on social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Besides, the final look that comes after editing these videos gives a professional appeal to them. This, in turn, engages the audience with the post.

Most of the reels and videos that work on social media have the element of music in them. This is because music makes videos more relatable and engaging. Needless to say, these videos are especially helpful for individuals to grow their follower count or increase business demand. Here, in this article, we make sure that with the helps of these best video maker apps, make sure that your audience remain stuck to your profile for long

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Best Video Maker App With Song Addition Features

Here you have the list of some of the best video maker app with song addition features that you can download on your Android and iOS devices.

1. Kinemaster


Kinemaster is among the best video maker app with song features that can make your final work more interesting. Here, you can make professional edits to your videos by using existing templates, frames, and preset settings. The Kinemaster app has a good music collection that allows one to check wide playlists from many artists worldwide. One important feature of this app is that you can add sounds in different formats like wav, aac, mp3, and others. These songs can be edited and adjusted in accordance with the video and effects can be added to it too.

Download link for Android

Download link for iOS

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2. Inshot

inshot best video maker app

Inshot is one of the easy-to-use and best video maker app that helps you edit both images and videos. This app is available on Android as well as iOS. It provides a pro video editor that has multiple features to make the video even more interesting. The stickers can be added to the frame along with emojis and texts, along with syncing them together. Additionally, the app has an easier user interface where you can add a smooth transition for the videos. Inshot also has a good collection of in-store licensed music that is available free of cost, and you can use them for the videos. The songs can be edited, trimmed, fading, and voiceovers can be added too. Besides, Inshot can be used to make your videos and reels Insta-ready.

Download link for Android

Download link for iOS

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3. Instagram

instagram best video maker app

It would be hard to find someone who knows nothing of Instagram in today’s time. Being one of the most popular social media networking sites, the Instagram app lets you edit videos in style. It acts as a video maker app with a song addition feature that lets you from thousands of songs from the worldwide library. This also includes songs from multiple languages from around the globe. However, you can these songs in your reel videos and cannot download them to your gallery until posted. Once posted, they can be downloaded on the local gallery and shared on other social media. The Instagram app also lets you edit your videos in the best possible way by adding filters, effects, and the recently launched transition too. Adding texts in the video for reels is the new method of garnering greater user attention via likes and comments.

Download link for Android

Download link for iOS

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4. Filmora


Filmora is available for both Android as well as iOS devices for the purpose of video editing. The video maker app with a song inclusion feature helps you edit these songs too. You can trim these audios, change the length, and align them as per the videos. Filmora lets you create professionally edited videos to catch the attention of the audience. Additionally, you can add some new transitions and filters that will make the video more effective. With 1000+ templates for your use, videos get even more fun and interesting. You can also add pictures within pictures and 1000+ featured music with this app which gives you a wide array of choices.

Download link for Android

Download link for iOS

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5. Magisto

One of the excellent video maker app with a song addition feature that helps you create jaw-dropping videos. Magisto helps you edit raw videos from scratch, add filters and transitions to them, making them more eye-appealing. You can change the duration of the music or fade them out as per your need to make the video in tune with the music. Besides, add pictures, text, and background to include more substance to the video. These videos can be shared across apps and social media with your friend and community for their suggestion, feedback, likes, comments, and more.

Download link for Android

Download link for iOS

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Synopsis: Best Video Maker App With Music

The video maker app is one of the great utilities in this age of social media, where keeping yourself trendy is the new race. It is crucial, not just as an individual, but even if you want to grow your business and make greater clientele online. Video maker apps are mostly used to edit videos that may be posted in long or short formats. Considering the growing trend of likeliness towards reels, shorter-length videos can be edited with ease on such apps. Our list of some of the best video maker app with music addition in them will make your video social media ready!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Video maker apps help to edit your videos by adding your favourite songs and making them even more entertaining.
  • These apps are available for Android and iOS devices and have easy to use interfaces.
  • Polish your video by adding some fine songs from free and paid music libraries. Here are some of the best video maker apps that you can consider using.