Call recordings are a thing of today and people using any phone want to have some of the best call recording app on their mobile phones. Even though many phones come with inbuilt recording features, many others lack them. So, in case you have one of those phones where you do not have access to…2023-03-30 10:29:195 Best Call Recording App That You Cannot Miss April 2023

5 Best Call Recording App That You Cannot Miss April 2023


Annoyed about missing out on minute details of the meeting? Or do you feel sleepy in the morning meetings and cannot note down the major pointers? With some of the best call recording app, your problems can be dated to the past! Read the article to know in details

Updated: 30th Mar 2023, 10:29 IST
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    Best Call Recordings App
    • 1. Automatic Call Recorder
    • 2. Call Recorder- Auto Recording
    • 3. Call Recorder App ACR
    • 4. Blackbox Call Recorder
    • 5. Parrot Voice Recorder
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    Summary: Best Call Recording App For Mobile Phones

Call recordings are a thing of today and people using any phone want to have some of the best call recording app on their mobile phones. Even though many phones come with inbuilt recording features, many others lack them. So, in case you have one of those phones where you do not have access to call recording facilities, here is your answer.

Earlier, it was optional to have call recording apps. However, with the work-from-home or study-from-home becoming a new normal, things have been taking a U-turn now. Additionally, people try to connect with others over phone calls to have better clarity of things. But what if you still missed the major points? Imagine joining a potential client over a call to get the know-how about their business. You are taking notes and asking questions too. What if you miss some serious points or talks here? This might not leave a great impression on the other side. To tackle all similar problems, call recorders are of great help.

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Best Call Recordings App

Some of the best call recording apps that you can use for your mobile phones are enlisted below.

1. Automatic Call Recorder


It is one of the lightweight applications that do not consume significant memory and simultaneously performs the function of call recording too. However, one of the astonishing features of this Automatic call recorder app is its easy-to-use interface. Instead of relying on complex set-up present in the market, it changes the way call recording apps feel. The UX is super easy to use, and users may not fight to understand the entire process of call recording.

Let’s say some of your colleagues need help with regard to a meeting of which you were a part. Instead of giving them points, in short, you can share the recording using apps on Slack, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Besides, you can edit these recordings and organise them into categories. With the help of the app, you can record incoming and outgoing calls in domestic and international call domains. Also, you can use it even in the absence of an internet connection.

2. Call Recorder- Auto Recording


The Call recorder app allows high-definition recording of incoming and outgoing calls. Considered as one of the best call recording app, it does not just support single file types but rather multiple formats like AMR, WAV, MP3, and AAC. Suppose you know how you need recording for certain people like your colleagues in meetings, clients, vendors, etc. Here, with the app, you can add the list of numbers to the favorites list to start auto-recording. Besides, you can create a repository of all your recording at a single location. The best thing about it is it can be password protected, providing security to users.

Additionally, if you want to share the recording with someone else, it is shareable via social media platforms and messaging apps. Not many other recorders provide the feature of editing and saving the raw recording, just like this one. Even if you accidentally delete any recording, it can be easily retrieved from the recycle bin.

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3. Call Recorder App ACR

best call recording app

The call recorder app records call as well as helps in noting a voice message that can be shared across platforms. With thousands of positive reviews, it is one of the most popular call-recording apps used for iOS as well as Android. A single tap lets you start and save the call recording. Besides, you can manage, edit, and share them at any time and with anyone you wish.

The ACR Call recorder app lets you organise and export the files saved. Additionally, no one can access them without your permission, making them secure for use too. One can also search for the recordings using a phone number, note, or contact name. Cloud services are added as an option for the convenience of the user.

PS: To ensure that it does not consume a lot of space on your phone, please delete all the recordings in your recycle bin.

4. Blackbox Call Recorder

blackbox call recording app

The call recording app goes by the name of Blackbox and is available for regular phone calls. It does not cover VoIP calls like those over WhatsApp or other social media sites. Your sounds are recorded and saved with the contact’s name, making referencing easier. Besides, you can edit them and add them to your favorites for ease of access, thereby being counted as one of the best call recording app. Using the options provided in settings, you can enable automatic call recording for all incoming and outgoing calls.

Additionally, you can choose for scheduled cleanup to remove deleted data from consuming extra memory space on your phone. The recordings can be backed up on Drive. It can be used for call recordings alone!

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5. Parrot Voice Recorder

parrot voice recorder

The Parrot Voice Recorder app is available only for Android devices. However, their utility is far-reached. The numbers for which you need to record explicitly can be added under Record phone calls > Contact name. Besides you can also start recording yourself through a prompt if a number is not added to your phone. Have you heard of scheduled recording? If not, this app gives you this amazing feature where all you need is to add a date and time at which you want to start recording. It takes care of it. This is especially useful for day-to-day meetings, where you know the timings. It avoids any misses that may occur.

Like other call recording app, this platform helps you keep a backup on your Google Drive or Dropbox. Choose the theme based on your preference and associate it with other Android gadgets- this app has got you all covered! Additionally, it acts as a dictaphone and is best suited to keep HD versions of self-notes or singing.

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Summary: Best Call Recording App For Mobile Phones

The call recording app provides a great chance to redeem the lost confidence in people in meetings, classes, and many more events. There is no hassle of explicitly noting the points as it is quite clear that the meeting will be available in a recorded format. Besides, it helps people to focus more on the meeting and less on secondary tasks or something concerning elsewhere. With the help of the best call recording apps suggested by us, this will finally make your task of selecting the one suited for you easier one. While some of the apps may be available for Android devices, many others are for iOS; it is a matter of time to understand which is excellent for you.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Call recording app are the preemptive measure that makes people stay confident even if they lose someone’s point of view in a meeting.
  • It is helpful to people in personal setups to if they want to keep recordings or add audio for personal use too.
  • Besides, with our best-selected set of apps, the situation remains under control, and privacy is ensured.

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