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How To Make Unbelievable AI Selfies? Lets Take A Closer Look At The Lensa App


Want to learn, on how you can create wonderful AI selfies? Lets take a look at the step by step guide, on how you can do that with Lensa.

- Updated: 25th May 2023, 14:26 IST
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    What is The Lensa AI App?
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    What Is the Subscription Fee To Use The App?
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    How To Generate AI Selfies Or Potraits Through The Lensa App
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    How Does The Lensa Application Work?
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    Are there Any Privacy Issues?
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Lensa AI, an artificial intelligence(AI) powered image filter app, has caused quite a stir on social media platforms and the internet in the last week. After AI picture production platforms such as Wombo or the FaceApp made waves by creating your selfies or images into beautiful clean portraits, Lensa AI has taken AI imagery processing to a new level by transforming users’ selfies into virtuoso works of art. The images generated from the app are gaining rave reviews and praise worldwide.

But you must be wondering what the Lensa AI app is and what are the charges or the cost to make such awesome portrait images. Also, you must be concerned about the privacy issues of this app. So we now take a look at all of these queries and how you can also make awesome AI-created images or portrait selfies through the Lensa AI app. So let’s begin.

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What is The Lensa AI App?

Lensa AI is not a new application but has gained immense popularity in the past few weeks because of its latest updates. Prisma Labs, a California-based AI firm make the application. The developers previously created a similar app as well. It is named Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor. It however is not a live, online, AI-driven image generator. Rather, it’s an image editor with a slew of artsy image filters that could transform any image into artistic shots.

Lensa AI app, on the other hand, is powered by AI algorithms and generates almost 50 avatar images based on your selected photos or selfies. The images it generates are vastly different from the original images you have selected. For example, a user can upload a selfie, and choose a category for the type of image they want to see for themselves. You will then receive a series of AI-generated images based on selected images.

Download link for Android

Download link for iOS

What Is the Subscription Fee To Use The App?

This is also not a free service; a one-week trial costs roughly $4.5 (₹380). Users can generate five sets of AI-based image avatars based on a minimum of 10 selfies during this phase. Each set of AI art will provide a customer with ten results; therefore, for ₹380, users will receive 50 images. An annual subscription to the service costs ₹2,499 and generates ten different options per selfie for an entire year. You can also choose 100 different avatar images or even 200 unique avatar images for upto ₹790. This is a one-time-fee.

How To Generate AI Selfies Or Potraits Through The Lensa App

Here are the basic steps to easily create cool AI-based avatar images through the Lensa AI application.

  • You must first download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Now, when you open the app, you will be asked to take a free trial of the app or pay the yearly subscription of app, which is ₹2,499.
  • Here, we now get the Magic Avatars feature. Just select 10-20 different selfies or single images of yours and upload them.
  • Choose a gender — male, female, or other — then leave your phone for about 30 minutes.
  • When you return, voila. Your face, or something similar to it, will be made into cross a suite of 50 to 200 A.I.-generated images. With themes such as “cosmic,” “fairy princess,” and “anime,” depending on the package you select.
Lensa 1

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How Does The Lensa Application Work?

Lensa uses a Stable Diffusion technique, which is a potent” A.I.-based image generator. It uses picture suggestions (like your selfies or single images without any group) to generate artificial images. Word prompts like fantasy, or space are its categories and are also used as a background. It then gives you pictures that nobody took but stitches them together to create great-looking avatars. These also make you stand out from the crowd.

Are there Any Privacy Issues?

Privacy experts and artists have raised concerns about what Lensa does with a user’s data — and how ethical its use is. Many users have also expressed concern about Lensa’s privacy policy. These are namely how it uses data to “supply, improve, test, and monitor the effectiveness,” or “offer personalised content and information to (users),” and “diagnose or fix Lensa-related technology problems.” But Prisma Labs has addressed privacy concerns about how it generates AI images and how it is not replacing digital artists’ work. You can take a look at the thread below.

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Your photos or videos that are uploaded for regular editing are saved on Lensa’s servers, according to Lensa, are removed from their servers. Photos you supply for Avatar creation are erased as soon as your avatars are complete. Lensa produces some really fascinating AI images. If you’ve been seeking for someone to turn your selfie into a work of art, the LensaAI app does not disappoint. The artwork resembles much of what one would have seen previously in digital space.

Also, the app often produces results and images based on the gender you select. If you select female, you will obtain more feminine-looking avatars, and the roles will be reversed if you select the male option. Lensa charges you every time you utilise AI to produce the ‘Magic Avatars,’ which is the whole point of installing the app. The free version allows you to use AI algorithms to alter selfies, photographs, and videos. But honestly, the Magic Avatar feature has caught everyone’s attention.

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