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Everything About Lensa AI Selfies: Create Portraits In Various Styles


Today we will talk about the trending portrait making app which is all over the social media and how to create those crazy Lensa AI selfies.

- Updated: 12th Dec 2022, 21:18 IST
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    What is Lensa AI Selfies App?
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    Who Created Lensa AI ?
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    How Does It Work?
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    So What’s The Issue?

Another popular social media filter is transforming your friends’ portraits into artwork. Lensa AI is a viral photo-editing app that uses your face to create charming painting-style avatars from your uploaded selfies. The trending app, Lensa AI, uses your selfies and the AI to create portraits in various styles. Some of which have been gaining popularity on social media.

The trend is spreading like fire but so is the controversy with it. So today we’ll be talking everything you need to know about the Lensa AI app and how to create those eye-catching selfie portraits. So let’s start without any further ado.

What is Lensa AI Selfies App?

Lensa AI is a basic photo-editing app available for Android and iPhone that converts uploaded selfies into creative avatars. In addition, the app is capable of editing videos and photos, blurring backgrounds and retouching skin.

Although the service isn’t cost-free, the app has shortly risen to the top of the Photo & Video charts in the Apple’s App Store. You have to pay $8 for monthly subscription while the annual subscription costs $30.

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Who Created Lensa AI ?

Lensa isn’t a new name. It was actually developed by Prisma Labs, a California-based company founded in 2016 and the maker of the self-titled photo-editing app, and has been around since 2018. Alexey Moiseenkov and a group of developers from Russia founded Prisma Labs.

Prisma quickly grew in popularity after release and was named App of the Year by both the Apple App Store and Google Play. It is now among the most downloaded apps worldwide.

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How Does It Work?

The first thing you have to di is upload couple of selfies. You’ll upload a slew of selfies after downloading the app.   Choose your gender — male, female, or other — and leave your phone for about 30 minutes; when you come back, voila. Your selfies have now been created into 50 to 200 A.I.-generated photos with themes such as “celestial,” “fairy princess,” “painting style” and “anime,” based on the package you purchase.

So What’s The Issue?

Concerns about user data usage and privacy have surfaced since the app’s recent surge in popularity. Lensa, for example, can train its AI using your uploaded photos.

According to Lensa’s privacy policies, your uploaded photos are only used to apply effects and filters. But it also adds a tonne of other ways it might use your information. You can read the whole thing here.

If you choose to use the app, we advise that you carefully read the terms and conditions and also the privacy policy so that you are aware of what you are agreeing to.

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