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Lensa AI App, Creating Avatars Or Inheriting Misogyny


Thinking of creating a fantastic portrait for your selfies with the Lensa AI app? Know about the red flags first.

- Updated: 10th Apr 2023, 11:17 IST
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    What is Lensa AI App trend?
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    What’s The Red Flag With Lensa AI App?
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    What Users Have To Say?
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    Final Thoughts

If you keep up with the internet, you might have seen people using the Lensa AI app to create amazing portraits of themselves. Based on the images you provide, the app turns your selfies into works of art. But does the story end here only? Recently, Lensa AI received a lot of backlashes, especially from female users.

Of course, giving your images to an AI tool or app comes with its own share of risks. But with Lensa, female users have pointed out a much different concern- the app is objectifying them. Read this post till the end to understand more!!!

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What is Lensa AI App trend?

Lensa AI has been around since 2018. It is a photo editing app available on both App Store and Google Play. The app offers a number of filters that can give your photos a magic touch. You can also edit your photos, change the background, correct imperfections and do a lot more using this app.

However, it was recently that the app received heavy interest from users worldwide. The reason is the incorporation of “Stable Diffusion”, a deep learning AI image generation tool. So now, you can add up to 20 images of yourself on the app, and it will return similar AI portraits. But the app is not free to use, and you need to spend $3.99 to create 50 images, making it the first paid AI-created tool.

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What’s The Red Flag With Lensa AI App?

Officially, the app creates magic avatars, but some female users have shared their not-so-good experiences using the app. Uploading selfies to the app is not just returning head portraits but also creating unnecessary objectifying images that don’t even look like them.

Not just that, submitting photoshopped images to the app shares even more alarming results. Some reports suggest that the app can be used to generate naked images using photoshopped images without the original person knowing.

What Users Have To Say?

Brandee Barker, a feminist and advocate, shared her experience and tweeted, “Is it just me, or are these AI selfie generator apps perpetuating misogyny? Here are a few I got just based on photos of my face.” See the images below.

Lensa AI App, Creating Avatars Or Inheriting Misogyny

Similarly, while testing the software, images of three famous feminists, Betty Friedan, Shirley Chisholm and Amelia Earhart, were uploaded to the app, and it again raised concerns about the output received.

lens ai

Betty Friedan became a nymph-like woman with curly hair and a slip-dress. Shirley’s got a wasp waist, while Amelia Earhart’s image changed into a somewhat naked one.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, AI apps are doing great in keeping users entertained but seeing the kind of response women are receiving from them raises a lot of questions. The unrealistic outputs created through these apps totally contradict the progress we have made by far, especially around body positivity. Bring us to the point that technology still has a long way to go.

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