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12 Best AI (Artificial intelligence) App Of 2024


AI apps are trending globally. These apps are the way to the advancement in the Information & Technology field. You will be witnessing a list of the best Artificial Intelligence apps to improve your application experience.

- Updated: 22nd Jun 2024, 23:25 IST
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    Why are Artificial Intelligence apps needed of the hour?
    • Alexa
    • Cortana
    • Edison Assistant
    • Elsa
    • Google Allo
    • Google Assistant
    • Replika
    • Robin
    • Siftr Magic
    • Socratic
    • SwiftKey Keyboard
    • The Hound
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    • Is there a free AI I can download?
    • Which is the best AI in the world?
    • Is ChatGPT free?
    • Is Siri an AI?
    • What does GPT stand for?

Artificial Intelligence is the making ground-baking development in the world of technology, and AI apps are said to be one the most important breakthroughs in the world of Information and Technology. AI App shows the tendency of human intelligence and its knack for taking things up a notch in the world of science. To put it simply, AI apps try to imitate the best way possible to act like human beings. These apps have been said to reduce the time and effort it takes to complete a particular task or project.

These Artificial Intelligence apps are not limited in any sort of way when it comes to giving the final result. Human emotions and biases do not limit their judgment ability while processing data for the AI App.

You can find AI apps that range in usage from business management to the healthcare system and whatnot. Irrespective of their wide range of capabilities, you will find these Artificial Intelligence apps helpful in making your work easier.

In this article, you will find a list of the best Artificial Intelligence apps that will make you enrich your work experience and have some fun features to look at.

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Why are Artificial Intelligence apps needed of the hour?

Applications have made many things easier for us, and with the advancement in Information and Technology, the birth of Artificial Intelligence has been a great boon for all of us. Applications equipped with Artificial Intelligence have made a great breakthrough in various industries.

These AI apps have brought machines and humans closer, and with their daily expansion, we will soon witness how Artificial Intelligence complements the complexities of human intelligence.

Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri are said to be the benchmarks of the AI industry. These AI apps have made our work a lot easier by helping us read our Emails, do online shopping, and make phone calls for us. These apps have been a significant extension of our gadgets.

But Google Assistant and Siri are not the end of Artificial Intelligence, as tons of features are packed in today’s AI apps that one can’t even begin to comprehend. Let us know some of the best AI apps in the market today.

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Amazon alexa best artificial intelligence app

Alexa is said to be one of the best AI apps on the market. It is a voice assistant that allows its users to listen to music, add items to their shopping carts, tell about the weather, and much more.

Alexa can assist with daily activities and allow its users to set up appliances that are Alexa-compatible. You can find Alexa on all leading platforms, such as Google Play and the Apple Store.


Cortana AI app

Cortana was originally developed for Windows, but it can now be found on the Android-based platform. It was developed by Microsoft and is in high demand. Cortana provides a feature where you can sync your Windows PC and smartphone and receive any alert from your PC on your phone. Users can navigate their files, video clips, and images with this app’s help. You can also send Emails, use them as a search engine and much more.

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Edison Assistant

Edison Assistant artificial intelligence app

Edison Assitant also goes by the name of East Do Smart Assitant. This app gives you minute-by-minute updates of traffic in your vicinity. It also calculates the least time-consuming path for your seamless driving experience. This AI app will also help you clear the clutter present in your smartphone’s Contact list and help book tickets for events, stay-ins, movies, and whatnot.


Elsa artificial intelligence app

English Language Assistant is an AI app that makes learning English fun. ELSA helps users learn through particular algorithms to improve their fluency in the English language.

ELSA is very easy, and users of this AI app will be well acquainted with learning English in four weeks. This app lets you track your overall progress and receive a report on your progress to date.

The feature to progress your learning seems like a great feature of this app. ELSA lets access to all the reading and learning materials at a very economical rate.

Elsa offers an automated curriculum that is tuned to your native language. It also includes the pronunciation of more than 2000 English words.

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Google Allo

Google allo AI app

Google Allo is a great AI messaging app that allows its users to send messages through their voice. Users can use the voice-to-text feature. You also get a set of emoticons and stickers to send. Allo also provides the option to hide your history by using anonymous feature mode. This feature is helpful for people who are lethargic. This app learns the user’s behaviour and then suggests text accordingly based on the regular replies.

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Google Assistant

Google assistant

Google Assitant is one of the best AI apps for people as it assists you with a wide range of work. The voice assistant can help at any time.

The task can be anything essential and can go up to a very advanced level, and the Google Assistant will help you by evaluating your needs. This app is compatible with a wide range of Google Assistant-compatible appliances to control your electronic things at home.

Google Assitant provides a wide range of voice commands, as well as hands-free text and email use. Quick navigation is also an option. Surfing the web hands-free and setting up reminders are other cool features of this AI app.

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Replika best AI app

Replika is the best AI app for having a virtual friend. It is a very technologically advanced app that allows users to have an honest conversation with a virtual human being. The users can tweak the conversation at their convenience, and you can talk on a wide range of topics with the virtual face on this AI app. Replika lets you build a friendship as it imitates like friendship between people.


Roblin best AI apps

Robin makes virtual assistance fun to explore. This AI app offers a wide range of quick commands and can perform a number of activities. It can be used to know the weather, news, traffic conditions, etc. Robin is feasible for users who drive around a lot. If you find yourself driving a lot, then Robin is a great AI app you need to have.

The user-friendly interface and quick voice command response make it great overall. It can perform several activities, such as sending text messages and calls, setting reminders, GPS navigation, and much more.

Siftr Magic

Siftr Magic best AI apps

This AI app seems like an excellent option for avid photo clickers. Siftr Magic lets you detect junk photos on your phone and clear the clutter of repeated images. It suggests photos that need to be deleted.

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Socaratic by Google artificial intelligence app

If you tend to struggle with mathematics or any other STEM field subject, then Socratic is an excellent AI app that can help you with your problems. The Socratic AI app lets you have solutions to your questions in an easiest-to-grasp way without compromising on the quality of explanation for the question it solves.

You need to take a picture of the question and upload it to the app. The app will then help its users quickly with their math or STEM-related questions.

You Videos and step-by-step explanations for the questions asked, and this app includes topics like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature.

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SwiftKey Keyboard

Microsoft developed an artificially intelligent typing assistance. The app aimed to type less and let people understand your text’s meaning better. This AI keyboard app caters to different font styles, colours, designs, and themes.

This app’s user can use certain features, like touch-to-touch, emotion prediction, and a GIF keyboard, making your typing experience suitable overall. It also supports more than 300 languages and has a custom-built multilingual keyboard.

The Hound

The Hound AI app

Hound the AI App that works the way the Google Assistant. But it does bring its own set of features to the table. You can enable Hound without touching your screen by saying “Okay, Hound”, just like you see in Google Assistant. The Hound can be used for many things, such as surfing the web, booking a taxi via Uber, looking for a nearby food joint, doing calculations, etc.

It is as good as Google Assistant to assist you with your work via voice commands, and just like Google Assistant, it responds to “Okay Hound” and performs pretty well on most of the commands given to it.

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AI apps have great advancements in the field of Information& Technology, and we have changed our perception of the usage of apps. Implementing artificial intelligence gives users a more fantastic experience with their apps. We hope you find our list of recommended AI apps in your use.

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Is there a free AI I can download?

Yes, there are free AI tools available for different tasks. MyEdit is for audio and image editing, PhotoDirector for photos, PowerDirector for videos, and AudioDirector for audio. These tools offer free AI capabilities, making them useful for various purposes.

Which is the best AI in the world?

Google Assistant is considered one of the best AI solutions globally. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze data, make predictions, and provide device recommendations, enhancing user productivity.

Is ChatGPT free?

Yes, ChatGPT is free to use. It includes browsing the web for information and using tools from the GPT store, making it versatile for personal and professional tasks.

Is Siri an AI?

Yes, Siri is an AI-powered virtual assistant developed by Apple. It uses advanced speech recognition and machine learning to assist users with tasks and information on Apple devices.

What does GPT stand for?

GPT stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer. It’s a type of AI model that processes and generates human-like text. It is known for its ability to understand context and produce coherent responses.

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  • AI apps are not limited by emotional values like humans, and they are not biased while providing the end result.
  • Artificial intelligence apps are being used in every field we can think of.
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