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How To Make Money Playing Games?


In today’s Tech centric world, you can make a great source of income by being a Gamer now. If you are too good of a player then there is no stopping you from earning money from playing games. We show the ways you can start your path as Gamer earning money by playing games.

- Updated: 16th Jan 2023, 14:21 IST
  • 1
    Install Reward Apps to earn playing games
    • 1) Dream 11
    • 2) Roz Dhan
    • 3) Mobile Premier League
  • 2
    Earn money by being a YouTuber
  • 3
    Stream Your Gameplay Online on Social Media Platforms to earn money
  • 4
    Become a Gaming Blogger to earn money
  • 5
    Auction your Gaming account to earn money
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Are you good at gaming and want to make money playing games? If the answer is yes, we have some excellent news for you: you can earn money playing games now. In this article, we have listed how you can monetize o your gaming skills.

The numbers of active gamers are on a rapid increase globally, and we believe it will not slow down anytime sooner. If you are a hardcore gamer, we can provide you with ways to earn money playing games.

Install Reward Apps to earn playing games

The most sorted way to earn money playing games is by installing Apps that allow you to earn money from the games they provide. We want to state that even though such Apps won’t pay you much compared to other ways, this way to earn money takes the least effort.

The first thing you need to do is select an App that pays well for the time you put in it. The secure way is to opt for the famous reward apps that offer meagre tasks in exchange for cash or points.

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Here are some popular apps where you earn money playing games.

1) Dream 11

Dream11 is a virtual gaming app covering cricket, football, hockey, kabaddi and basketball. In this game, you can build a fantasy team of cricketers competing in a match, and you will receive points based on how the players you selected performed in the actual matches.

The points you earn are computed after the actual match ends, and the winning amount after such match ends is deposited in your bank account.

2) Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is quite an exciting App that lets you earn money on a daily basis. This App gives you the option to earn money playing games. The money you earn goes to your PayTM wallet, which you can redeem later on.

3) Mobile Premier League

Mobile Premier League is an eSports platform where people can earn money playing games and win cash. It also allows you to earn money from different sorts of events and is mostly based on Dream 11’s format.

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Earn money by being a YouTuber

how to earn money from games

If you are good at gaming, you can earn money playing games by putting your gaming content on your Youtube channel. But for this to happen, you will have to create a lot of traffic on your Youtube channel on your content to bring in a considerable amount of money.

After you have reached a benchmark, you can diversify your content, keeping in mind that it attracts your gaming fans. You can play games and upload your content or act as a critic and review games.

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Stream Your Gameplay Online on Social Media Platforms to earn money

 how to make money playing games

If you do gaming regularly and think you are a skilled gamer, you can stream your gaming content and tell your followers the tips and tricks to earn more points or get more out of the game.

You can stream your content on Twitch or upload it on Youtube, whichever you prefer. Twitch is an exclusive gaming platform wherein gamers worldwide connect with each other and share their gaming tips and tricks with their followers. Twitch allows you to get paid once you move past one-hundred subscribers on your account. On Twitch, you receive a certain amount of money for every subscriber who visits your channel once you’ve passed the threshold for minimum subscribers to your channel.

Once your followers increase to a considerable amount, you’ll need some good equipment to improve the quality of your videos for your new audience.

This way of making money playing games is only good if you are persuasive in this field, as it takes a lot of time and your efforts before you start getting recognition and a proper fan base. But once you have made it in this field, you may just start earning enough that this can be your primary way to earn money.

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Become a Gaming Blogger to earn money

how to earn money by playing games

Blogging is an excellent way to earn money, along with playing games. If you have knowledge about the gaming industry and can write content that is easy to read, you can tap into this market and benefit from your skills and experience.

You can also give out news updates on the gaming industry or give gaming product reviews as well.

Besides earning from blogging, you can earn money by affiliate links as well. You can suggest gaming products and earn money by advertising products of gaming brands.

In case all these ways are too overwhelming, you can always start working as a freelance writer for gaming sites that need such content.

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Auction your Gaming account to earn money

If you feel that you have a huge collection of points, badges, currency, or coins in a game, you can always sell your accounts login credentials to people who want to reach your level of achievement in the game.

Sites like PlayerAuctions, EpicNPC and G2G let gamers with a massive collection of resources on a particular game sell their account to the highest bidder in exchange for real cash.

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Aren’t you surprised to know so many ways to earn money while playing games? You can always start with the easiest way to earn money by installing the reward Apps and making some income from your everyday gaming. After a while, once you feel comfortable with the idea of being a full-time gamer, you can improve your gaming skills and invest in types of equipment to record and show your gaming skills to the rest of the world.

In case you find it difficult to penetrate into the gaming industry as a gamer, then you can always opt for ways like becoming a Youtuber, Blogger or content writer to showcase your skills or content.

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