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10 Best Minecraft Village Seeds For PC!


Minecraft is a beautiful and vast open-world game that offers you tons of places to explore. We have compiled a list of must-visit maps on Minecraft for you to explore. These village seeds will hook you up to some mesmerizing places in the game.

- Updated: 28th Apr 2024, 19:41 IST
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    Minecraft Best Seeds in 2024!
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    What Are Minecraft Best Seeds ?
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    List Of Minecraft Best Seeds
    • 1) Jungle Temple Seed
    • 2) Stronghold Ravine Seed
    • 3) Skeleton Spawner Seed
    • 4) Ruined Portal Mansion Seed
    • 5) Underwater Library Seed
    • 6) Desert Temple Seed
    • 7) Mesa Mansion Seed
    • 8) Tundra Village Seed
    • 9) Neighboring Island Village Seed
    • 10) Floating Village (Seed: 84274784)
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  • 5
    • Which is the best seed in Minecraft?
    • What is seed 0 in Minecraft?
    • How to use Minecraft seeds?
    • Who was the first person to beat Minecraft?
    • How to fly in Minecraft?

What makes Minecraft a fun game is that there are so many fun places to be where you can discover exciting stuff about the game, and there are some of the best Minecraft seeds for you to witness. Locations in Minecraft are a great way for you to loot treasures and resources, and the best Minecraft village seeds help you find exciting maps to explore out there.

Finding a village at the start of a game can be exciting because an event like that can prepare you for your survival. So, here are some of the best Minecraft best seeds for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition that add some life and advantages to a new game by spawning you right next to a village.

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Minecraft Best Seeds in 2024!

  1. Jungle Temple Seed
  2. Stronghold Ravine Seed
  3. Skeleton Spawner Seed
  4. Ruined Portal Mansion Seed
  5. Underwater Library Seed
  6. Desert Temple Seed
  7. Mesa Mansion Seed
  8. Tundra Village Seed
  9. Neighboring Island Village Seed
  10. Floating village Seed

What Are Minecraft Best Seeds ?

Minecraft best seeds basically are certain encrypted codes that will decrypt and generate the type of open-world map you want to play in. These seeds cover a wide variety of places like landscapes, dungeons and whatnot.

Once these seeds are implemented, the Minecraft best seeds will create a world in which you can explore the map and build your legacy the way you want.

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List Of Minecraft Best Seeds

So we have compiled the list of the best Minecraft Seed. With the help of these seeds, you can unlock a lot of things and cool maps within the game to enhance your gaming experience. So let’s check them out:

1) Jungle Temple Seed (Seed 29213903446127296)

Village seed Minecraft

Finding a jungle village is a pretty rare experience, as jungles are such dense biomes that it’s often hard to squeeze a building in between all those massive trees, vines, and the thick underbrush blanketing the forest floor, so spawning next to one is quite a feat. Nearby is a jungle temple. Basically avoid the traps to collect the loot.

2) Stronghold Ravine Seed (Seed 1607164619)

Minecraft village seed

The Stronghold Ravine seeds are said to be the most difficult ones to find as they require a lot of time and travel. Plus, you basically need to be farming Endermen for their pearl, which can turn out to be a tedious task.

If you want to spawn next to a massive ravine, this is the seed that you should use! At the end of the massive ravine, you will find that there are winding stone brick halls of a stronghold. The end portal already has four ender eyes in it, so you need to collect another five and then you are all ready to take on the Dragon and slay it.

3) Skeleton Spawner Seed (Seed 5635066243567224933)

Best Minecraft Village Seeds

This seed is the best one to start a new game and is very beneficial for new users of Minecraft.

This seed will basically offer you well-stocked plains villages near your spawn and some resources like iron, diamonds, and skeleton spawners.

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4) Ruined Portal Mansion Seed (Seed 387579004540251912)

Ruined Portal Mansion Seed

This is another one from the Minecraft best seeds. This one is unique as there are lots of villages clustered up next to the mansion. The ruined portal is nearby the walls of the mansion where you can witness the wood and stone being sucked into the portal, leaving a gaping hole in the architecture. This Minecraft seed is great for early loot in villages and also offers some great sights as well.

5) Underwater Library Seed (Seed 679532036)

This is one Minecraft seed that is the most famous one. You must have seen this in a lot of YouTube Videos as well. This seed will spawn you in a village on the coast.

This Minecraft seed will spawn you in a village on the coast. If you go underwater, you’ll see big stone buildings. Dig deeper, and you’ll find a library in this area. This seed has only been tested on Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition, so it might only be available for Bedrock edition users.

6) Desert Temple Seed (Seed 10868737540544383)

best minecraft village seeds

For people who are avid lovers of desert areas, this seed is not only mysterious but tends to be handy for loot as well.

In the Minecraft seed, you will find a small guarded village. This seed provides its distinct set of resources that too at the start of the game. Such a seed makes the game more thrilling and exciting.

The Desert Temple is an interesting seed. This is a temple that is not submerged in the sand at all. This is something that you don’t often do in this game.

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7) Mesa Mansion Seed (Seed 1928170724601497379)

minecraft seeds

You will be a very lucky person if you can find a woodland mansion in this seed. Finding the woodland mansion often takes a lot of strenuous effort from your side. Such seeds like Mesa Mansion are a must for you if you want a mansion at spawn. The Mesa Mansion seed seems to be a special one as it spawns right next to a mesa biome.

This seed may not turn out to be advantageous for most of you. This seed is fun to witness and sure is one of a kind.

8) Tundra Village Seed (Seed 3831863122777983)

Tundra Village Seed

Tundra villages seem to be the favourite village seed for Minecraft players. The architectural design and the way the characters dress are mesmerizing. So, it looks like an exciting opportunity to spawn next to a tundra village built on a frozen river.

9) Neighboring Island Village Seed (Seed 79426653586647102)

 Neighboring Island village seeds

This Minecraft seed will spawn in a place where lots of small islands will surround you with villages. You will also find a beautiful ocean construction next to a sunken ruined portal that is nearby.
In this seed, you will see only two buildings that open the door to some fascinating story. Without a doubt, it makes this a great seed is that if you want to play remotely and like storytelling.

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10) Floating Village (Seed: 84274784)

How about a village defying gravity? This seed spawns you near a village partially generated on a floating island! It’s a unique and picturesque starting point, offering stunning views and an interesting building challenge. This is a must-try seed and one of the best ones in Minecraft.


These are just a few of the many great Minecraft best seeds available for Minecraft on PC. With a little searching online, you’re sure to find the perfect seed to jumpstart your next exciting adventure!

In Minecraft, you can explore villages and enjoy discovering these villages with the help of seeds that we have recommended. You can find different villages with the silly villagers and their silly habit to cheer you up in the game. Remember, these seeds may not work in older versions of Minecraft, so make sure you’re updated to experience them in all their glory. I hope you liked our choices. Happy gaming!


Which is the best seed in Minecraft?

Some popular Minecraft seeds include the Jungle Temple Seed, Stronghold Ravine Seed, Skeleton Spawner Seed, Ruined Portal Mansion Seed, and more. These seeds offer unique landscapes, structures, and challenges for players to explore and conquer.

What is seed 0 in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there is no specific seed represented by the value zero. It typically signifies the absence of a seed or a broken one. To use a seed in Minecraft, enter it when creating a new world, following the instructions on the “Create a World” screen.

How to use Minecraft seeds?

To use a Minecraft seed, start by creating a new world and tapping the “Advanced” button on the “Create a World” screen. Choose your preferred “World Type” (usually “Infinite”) and enter the seed into the designated “Seed” box. Then, select your game mode and start exploring your unique world.

Who was the first person to beat Minecraft?

Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game without a defined endpoint, so there is no single person credited with “beating” it. Players are free to explore, build, and set their own goals in the game, leading to endless possibilities and adventures.

How to fly in Minecraft?

In Creative or Spectator mode, you can fly by double-tapping the jump button. In Survival mode, you can craft the Elytra item, which gives your character a pair of wings, allowing you to glide and “fly” through the air.

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